Longbow Advantage has worked with companies in many industry verticals. Our expertise in Warehouse Management Systems—combined with our knowledge of your specific industry—will help you achieve maximum performance and ROI from your supply chain solutions.

  • High Tech/Electronics

    • The high tech and electronics industry moves at the speed of light. You must be able to turn on a dime to keep on top of rapidly changing consumer demand, shortened product cycles, and relentless competition from manufacturers across the globe. Supply chain optimization helps you stay ahead of the pack.

      We can help you optimize:

      • UCC processing
      • serialization
      • bar code requirements
      • 2d bar codes
      • automation

  • Food and Beverage

    • Today, consumers and regulators alike are closely focused on food safety and nutrition issues. You must be able to track your products at every stage from farm to fork—while bringing products to market that are perceived as safe, healthful, and in line with consumer lifestyles. It`s a tall order, but optimizing your supply chain is a key success factor.

      We can help you optimize:

      • product date control
      • QA/recall
      • perishable products
      • assembly Services
      • absolute product rotation
      • component tracking

  • Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

    • Pharmaceuticals and life sciences is one of the most highly regulated industries. Which means you need complete visibility into every stage of the manufacturing and distribution of your products—not only to effectively manage recalls, but also to maximize efficiencies throughout your supply chain.

      We can help you optimize:

      • designed and delivered FGDA-compliant code
      • designed automated system/product test cases for FDA compliance
      • temperature control
      • flammable product requirements
      • date control

  • Automotive/Service Parts

    • For the automotive industry, developing markets offer opportunities, while traditional markets present challenges. To capitalize on both, you must produce innovative, industry leading products while effectively controlling costs. Supply chain optimization delivers the visibility and efficiencies you need to achieve your goals.

      We can help you optimize:

      • parts manifesting
      • parts maintenance
      • import/export requirements
      • multi-warehouse implementation

  • Consumer Goods

    • Competition is up, consumer brand loyalty is down. You have to get the right products to the right place at the right time just to stay in the game. And there`s no margin for error—if you don`t get it right, your competitors will. Supply chain optimization gives you the warehousing and distribution edge you need.

      We can help you optimize:

      • country of origin management and tracking
      • assembly services
      • value-added services (eg. rainbow pallets, store-ready displays)
      • RFID

  • Third Party Logistics

    • Agility, flexibility, and accuracy are the keywords for today`s 3PL companies. You need 360 degree, real-time inventory visibility and reporting capabilities to deliver on-time and on-budget. And you must do it in a constantly evolving business environment. Maximizing efficiencies at every level of your operation is essential to success.

      We can help you optimize:

      • part/client tracking
      • multi-client and warehouse implementation
      • EDI interface requirements
      • secure, real-time visibility of orders
      • integration to consumers
      • reporting, automatic standards monitoring, and real-time feedback
      • customer specific labels and receipts
      • assembly services
      • billing modifications for accurate charge capture
      • manage disparate inventory types such as food and high tech in same warehouse and system