WMS and LMS Training

We see it all the time. While companies are willing to invest heavily in the technical aspects of software development and implementation, they often underestimate the importance of user training. As a result, they end up causing themselves unnecessary, and costly, problems.

At Longbow, we understand how critical it is to properly offer your people training for your Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Labor Management System (LMS) implementation or upgrade.

Our goal is to ensure that, at go-live, your employees are skilled, confident, and efficient. That way you don’t have to bear the high cost of performance problems and operational slowdowns that can result from a lack of attention to training.

We use training best practices because they deliver maximum results

Rather than offering generalized training, we create an environment that simulates your real warehouse processes. Your people learn the new system in exactly the same way they will be using it, and train with data that is meaningful to them.

We use small class sizes whenever possible, so that every employee gets the personal attention he or she requires to learn the new system properly.

We ensure that everyone trains in front of their own computer, giving them real hands-on experience. People learn best by doing.

We separate classes by employee functionality, so that each training session is specifically tailored to that group’s specific needs.

We cover all the training bases

We train your people in all aspects of configuring, using, and customizing your system.

In setup training, your people will learn about the many configuration options of your system. Setup training covers topics like user and administration configuration, warehouse setup, receiving and putaway rules, outbound and shipping rules among many more topics.

In integration training, users learn the dynamics of sending information from your WMS to you host system and receiving information back. It is a comprehensive training of the system as it pertains to your solution.

Operational training covers day-to-day warehouse activities, including receiving, put-away, and RF gun operations.

We also have a train-the-trainer program that gives you the ongoing in-house RedPrairie expertise you require. We train a selected group of “super-users” within your organization on the entire system, so that they are able to continue providing training after the implementation is completed.

Effective training is key to your project’s success

We’ve learned through years that training is as important as development and testing. An effective training program delivers a number of key benefits:

  • Improved testing and QA
  • Seamless transition to go-live
  • More effective change management
  • A bigger, faster ROI

We can’t overstate the importance of proper employee training when you implement or upgrade a WMS or LMS. At Longbow, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the quality WMS and LMS training your organization deserves.

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