Labor Management ImplementationLabor Management Implementation

Labor Management is a powerful tool that enables you to track, measure, and analyze the performance of your warehouse employees.

It’s critical that your Labor Management System (LMS) be implemented and configured properly because you will be making key decisions on operations and staffing based on the information that flows from it.

At Longbow, we have the knowledge and experience to install and configure your Labor Management System quickly, efficiently, and accurately. We can lead you through the entire LMS implementation process and provide our expertise every step of the way:

  • Implement warehouse map based on CAD drawing
  • Define job codes and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Define schedules, associated shifts, and automated breaks for employee time tracking
  • Define work categories and equipment used
  • Configure and test any integration points
  • User training to optimize activities and employ Labor Management reporting capabilities
  • Provide documentation outlining client’s specific Labor Management implementation process

Longbow as your Labor Management Implementation Partner

We are highly specialized and have a deep understanding of Labor Management. This means we are perfectly positioned to translate your specific requirements into system functionality. We know how to configure your solution to deliver results.

Our technical and functional experience is recognized throughout the industry. There aren’t many configuration, integration or performance problems we haven’t seen—and solved. That’s why we’re known for our on-time and on-budget implementations.

We can implement your Labor Management solution as a standalone project or in conjunction with a WMS. We can also integrate your Labor Management system with other third-party software.

If you’re planning a supply chain Labor Management implementation, talk to us. No one delivers results like Longbow.