Project Management

Successfully managing an IT project is both science and art. It requires technical skills, project management skills, and people skills—and a proven methodology to keep resources on track and on schedule.

At Longbow, we have the right combination of skills to successfully manage your supply chain implementation.

Our technical expertise, and knowledge of supply chain solutions, is well known. So is our ability to work effectively with client project teams. We have managed supply chain implementations for a broad range of clients in verticals that include pharmaceutical/life sciences, automotive and parts, consumer goods, food and beverage, utilities, high tech, and logistics providers.

We employ a proven methodology that delivers flexible and robust functionality. So you get exactly what you need: simplicity, agility, control and results.

Whether you are looking for a full implementation, strategy assistance, or a needs analysis, we help you anticipate and avoid complications at each point in your project life cycle.

Strong project management is a critical factor in implementation success. You can count on the experience of Longbow’s team of implementation experts to bring in your project on time and on budget, with all the functionality you require. With Longbow, expect results.