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Untapped Potential in Your Supply Chain

Shelfware is software that you have licensed but don’t actually use, and it is very common in the supply chain industry. Companies buy large, multi-moduled software packages and only install a portion of it. Or with the purchase of a WMS, the software company generously “throws in” an add-on software solution, like slotting. Most companies have the best intentions of implementing these solutions, however once the WMS is up and running, the other modules get shelved indefinitely.

Shelfware Services can help you find these solutions.

In addition to the untapped potential capabilities the software can provide, Shelfware costs money beyond the initial investment in maintenance costs. You need to conduct a true cost/benefit analysis of your Shelfware to decide if you should implement the solutions or shelf them a bit longer.

Longbow Advantage can help with Shelfware Services:

  • Analyze what you are losing by not utilizing the systems
  • Conduct a solid cost/benefit analysis to determine if the solution should be put to better use, or shelved deeper
  • Determine the ROI you could be receiving through each piece of the suite
  • Develop a plan for which systems to implement and the reason for doing so
  • Get the solutions up and running

Shelfware should be ranked according to what it can achieve and the speed of the return on investment. The goal is to quantify the potential improvement and translate each Shelfware application into a solid ROI. This means considering labor savings, costs of implementation and ongoing support costs.

Longbow can help you transform your company’s unused software into a fully functional and contributing member of your supply chain execution strategy.

If you’re wondering if there is untapped potential in your Shelfware, talk to us. No one delivers results like Longbow.