Special Projects

While WMS and Labor Management supply chain software is designed for flexibility, virtually all implementations still require one or more customizations or enhancements.

At Longbow, we can develop a full range of custom solutions to expand your system functionality and optimize your processes and performance. All are designed to meet your unique requirements, and integrate seamlessly into your IT environment.

From basic enhancements to the most complex, we handle it all

We’ve done hundreds of enhancements and customizations through the years. So whatever your needs are, we’re equipped to handle it. Whether you require basic enhancements, or solutions that require extensive code modification, we have the product knowledge and high-end engineering skills to deliver:

  • Custom reports, labels, and data-driven application (DDA) screens
  • Remote terminal optimization
  • Interfaces for sorter, slotters, and other automated equipment
  • Custom integration and user interfaces
  • RF screen and field customization

We also specialize in functionality enhancements for these areas

  • Inventory receiving and management
  • Quality assurance
  • Order management
  • Shipping

If you have a special project, we are able to perform extensive re-engineering of system functionality to meet your particular requirements.

We’ll find the best solution to your needs

Knowing the best approach to enhancing and optimizing system functionality takes knowledge and experience. Because we have such a deep understanding of your products, we know when a configuration or process change will deliver the results you’re looking for—a less costly and time-consuming approach than developing custom code.

If a customization or enhancement is the best solution, we can get it done quickly and efficiently—while maintaining the full integrity and performance of your system.

If you need to optimize or enhance your WMS or Labor Management system, talk to us. No one delivers results like Longbow.

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