“In Longbow we are very pleased to have found ourselves a reliable partner rather than a simple services provider. You really feel that they are looking out for your best interests. They are flexible when we need them to be (which is often!), and quick to respond. Their creativity in devising solutions to complex problems really impressed me and was so important for meeting our requirements. Of course, these guys know RedPrairie inside-out and can handle the complex technical work and system functionality. But one of the biggest keys to their effectiveness is in understanding our business. That makes such a difference and you won’t find that with just any supplier. I can recommend Longbow to anyone with RedPrairie WMS requirements.”

Chris Redpath, Director of Supply Chain Solutions, Accuristix.


“We brought Longbow back to lead our multi-site upgrade project because they have both the technical and the functional expertise that we needed, and we continue to use their services. The performance gains we saw after Longbow tuned our system were impressive.”

Brian Simmermon, VP & C IO, Subaru of America Inc., Subaru of America


“The team at Longbow has consistently provided efficient and timely execution of any project they have done for the Sherway Group. Their tech-knowledgeable staff also presents much operational knowledge which is an advantage in any project. That is why we are looking to Longbow to implement RedPrairie WMS at our new site”

Tony Mariani, Director of Information Technology, Sherway Group


“These guys are very smart. On both a technical and functional level, they are great at understanding the capabilities and limits of RedPrairie. They are one of the few groups out there capable of a deep understanding of the customer’s operational requirements.”

Mark Fralick, President of GetUsROI.com, Original designer and developer of MOCA, and Technical Editor, Supply Chain Digest

“RedPrairie introduced us to Longbow to increase their development and services bandwidth. Since then, we had Longbow involved on our critical projects, and we rely on them to provide development expertise on complex features that are critical to our business. Their functional and technical knowledge of RedPrairie WMS are commendable and their team continuously interact with each other to provide the best solution for their customer in a timely manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other RedPrairie customers.”

Steeve Proulx, Director, IT Distribution and Logistics, Stanley Black and Decker

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