upgradesJDA/ RedPrairie Upgrades – WMS, WFM and Parcel

Software upgrades can be challenging — way more challenging than expected. Organizations often underestimate the amount of effort, time, and resources required for a successful outcome. So it’s no surprise that typically fewer than 30 percent of companies report achieving all or most of their upgrade objectives. This is where we are a difference maker.

With Longbow, make your JDA/ RedPrairie upgrade a success

We know that you face significant challenges getting your RedPrairie upgrade project approved. You have to justify the investment with a business case that factors in the costs, risks, and rewards. We also know that you are under pressure to see real productivity gains and a quick ROI. We can help you, from the initial stages of project approval right through to the final implementation, working closely with your team to ensure success.

We’ll help you achieve your upgrade goals

We provide a single point of contact to lead or assist your team through the entire RedPrairie upgrade process. That includes configuration, modifications, testing, training, and go-live. Longbow has the technical and functional skills to quickly and efficiently handle any configuration, integration, or performance issues because chances are we’ve seen it before. That’s why leading companies rely on the deep knowledge and experience of the Longbow team to bring in their upgrades on-time and on-budget.


Companies often under-estimate the importance of training for upgrades. Proper training is what will make your users comfortable and confident with the new system.

Change Management

An upgrade will necessitate a change in the way people work — the new software will not be a carbon copy of the old. Even positive change can bring resistance, but if change management is handled properly, users will be at ease with the new processes.


An absolute must for a successful project is testing. Or, more precisely: testing, testing, and more testing. Rigorous testing will uncover issues within sufficient time to fix them before you go live. It’s also important to run an upgrade CRP before you go live to simulate the running of your business. This requires the creation of test scripts and operational testers to confirm all the routine and special functions you require the software to handle.

Project Expertise and Support

Bringing in professionals with a proven track record in JDA/ RedPrairie upgrades is probably the single most important step you can take to ensure a successful result. Why reinvent the wheel when it has been done many times before?


Supply chain software is complex, with lots of bells and whistles that need to be configured properly. Failure to do so can lead to serious performance and functionality issues. Any current customization will require some level of modification for the upgrade

If you’re planning a JDA/ RedPrairie upgrade, talk to us. We’ll save you time, money, and resources on the way to a seamless transition from your old JDA/ RedPrairie system to the new.