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Whether your distribution teams are looking for warehouse technology solutions or expert supply chain consultants, our warehouse strategy team is built to help you create a plan that will win the shift, day and even the year

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The Longbow Advantage

We take a holistic approach to warehousing strategy, understanding that technology is only one piece in the solution process. Our warehouse experts will work with you to understand your challenges and goals, developing a recommendation that meets your needs, budget, and timeline.


Our solutions include

Supply Chain Consulting

Warehouse Visibility

Labour Management System

Global Inventory Management

3PL Solutions

Labor Planning

Supply Chain Consulting

With over two decades of expertise in supply chain technology implementation, we lead the way in providing steadfast support and expert guidance throughout your implementation journey . We specialize in:

  • Blue Yonder Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Blue Yonder Warehouse Labor System (LMS) and
  • SAP eWM

Warehouse Visibility

It all starts with real-time visibility. This is the backbone of the Rebus Platform. You can’t afford to wait until tomorrow’s productivity reports. In today’s supply chain, even end of shift is too late. The future of data visibility is real-time access from anywhere in the world.

  • Access to all your data now. Seriously, right now.
  • Connect disparate systems. Sit back, let Rebus do the translating for you.
  • Platform agnostic. It doesn’t matter where your data lives, Rebus can get it.
  • Actionable data. Easy-to-read widgets display your data in a way that makes sense.

Labour Management System

Go from “what happened?” to what’s happening.

Rebus Labor Management System builds upon the real-time visibility and reporting that comes with Warehouse Visibility. In fact, it’s the only advanced labor management system that doesn’t rely on engineered standards and costly projects.

  • Avoid costly, inefficient implementations and upgrades
  • Own a solution that you will actually use now and that will get even smarter over time
  • Close productivity gaps with performance and utilization insights
  • Improve productivity with a robust solution with powerful features

Global Inventory Management

Protect yourself from massive financial risk by improving your inventory fulfillment and traceability. Update inventory statuses and create status changes across your entire distribution network with a click—from anywhere in the world. Rebus aggregates data across sites, WMS systems, nomenclatures, and products lines to provide a complete snapshot of your inventory, all in real-time.

  • Get a holistic view of inventory across your entire network.
  • Visibility updates every few hours? Try minutes.
  • Never open another spreadsheet again. (Well, at least not for this).
  • Safeguard your brand with improved fulfillment.
  • Make updates across your entire network with the click of a button

3PL Solutions

Simplify your billing with Rebus.

Rebus 3PL Billing can easily be customized to any customer logic for payment terms, billing cycles, disparate WMS nomenclature, metrics of measurement, and more. Get complete control and flexibility over invoicing and reduce your invoicing time from weeks to hours.

  • Configure each client individually
  • Group Functional Areas to different cycles. e.g. Monthly Cycle for Storage, Weekly for Receiving
  • Map billing events to charges flexibly
  • Build reports directly in Rebus
  • Automate the invoice approval process

Labor Planning

On budget and on time.

Rebus Labor Planning gives you the ability to predict your future labor needs, as well as real-time insight into progress against your planned labor. Use agnostic labor planning to read historical data from Rebus Labor Management System or any other LMS so you can forecast your staffing goals effectively.

  • Gives you a single labor planning solution that works across a global network
  • Connect to Rebus or any other LMS effortlessly
  • Predict labor requirements accurately based on historical data that’s easy to access
  • Data reporting on easy-to-read, customizable widgets
  • Optimize costs and productivity with custom, real-time performance metrics and dashboards

“Longbow supported us in every possible way throughout the project. They’re really great people to have on your side. I would not hesitate for a second to bring in Longbow for another project. They proved they can deliver for us.”

Global IT Manager, Kraft Heinz

“Their creativity in devising solutions to complex problems really impressed me. [They] understand our business. That makes such a difference, and you won’t find that with just any supplier.”

Chris Redpath

Director of Supply Chain Solutions, Accuristix

“We have brought Longbow back to lead our multi-site upgrade project because they have both the technical and the functional expertise that we needed, and we continue to use their services. The performance gains we saw after Longbow tuned on our system, we impressive.”

Brian Simmermon

VP and CIO, Subaru of America, Inc.

“I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to call on Longbow for another project. They proved they could deliver for us.”

Dan Cummins

Associate Director, IT Logistics Global, Kraft Heinz

“We have a great partnership with Longbow and consider them part of our team. They are always very thorough and focused on the end goal. A great team of intelligent resources.”

Tim Brewer

Operation Service Analyst, Polaris

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Featured Webinar

The Rise of AI and ML in Supply Chain Optimization

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The pressure is on for these technologies to begin reshaping traditional supply chain processes. 2023 brought us an AI revolution and we expect that pressure to continue in 2024. However, as early adopters and quick-to-market technologies begin to shake out, we expect to see 2024 normalize some of the AI and ML landscape. The abilities of these technologies to analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and make decisions is revolutionizing how companies are thinking about their decision-making capabilities.

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