Reconnecting with Canada’s Leading 3PL Provider to the Healthcare Industry 2 Years after Rebus Implementation

The Director of Operations and Continuous Improvement, Ryan Donoghue, oversees six out of the nine facilities and leads new initiatives into Accuristix. Accuristix is a 3PL provider with over 100 clients with multitenant facility warehouses for every client. Two years ago, Donoghue and the continuous improvement team identified where Accuristix could either do more with the same or the same with less. Post implementing Rebus Warehouse Visibility and Rebus Intelligent Labor, Accuristix has seen tremendous results.

"After two years of Rebus Warehouse Visibility and a little over 6 Months on Rebus Intelligent Labor our annualized savings was approximately 9% off Labor"

- Ryan Donoghue, Director of Operations and Continuous Improvement, Accuristix