How Supply Chains Will Evolve in 2022 and Beyond

Looking into 2022, the easiest prediction to make is that the supply chain world will remain chaotic. Labor shortages abound, materials remain scarce, and expectations to deliver are higher than ever before. So, what does that mean for how companies will approach their supply chain strategy in 2022? They’ll need to rethink everything or get […]

5 Key Takeaways from NOW 2021

We hosted our first ever annual Rebus user conference, NOW in Nashville, TN from Oct 18-20 2021. The event included industry speakers, customers case studies, Rebus product updates and so much more. The below are the 5 key takeaways from NOW 2021 over the course of the 3 days. Real-time visibility is no longer a […]

Increase Warehouse Visibility ~ 3 Reasons Why Rebus Is Better than Spreadsheets

Over the last decade, we have made strides in the way we operate and manage our supply chain. Innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and even analytics have changed the very way we work. We finally live in a world where we have more data than we ever did before and even though this can […]

5 Ways Real-time Labor Visibility Can Help Improve Labor Productivity and Performance

Many supply chains around the world are facing labor shortages. The world is running low on everything from chips to toilet paper, yet companies are unable to find enough people to help meet this sky-rocketing demand. In times like this, organizations need to get more creative in how they manage their processes, products, and most […]

3 Reasons Why Warehouse Visibility Should Not Be Overlooked

Warehouses are the most complex yet often overlooked part of any supply chain. Even though tools such as automation, machine learning, and AI are taking the industry by storm, these are no substitute for true and real-time Warehouse Visibility into your operations and create more data and complexity than ever before. Information, especially in the […]

Intelligent Labor is the New Normal

As the world slowly yet steadily comes out of the pandemic, companies face another disruption – labor shortages. The lack of frontline workers in roles from hospitality to warehousing has a far-reaching effect on the economy, eventually trickling down to us, the end consumer in shipment delays, fewer choices, and increased prices. In order for […]

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