Increase Warehouse Visibility ~ 3 Reasons Why Rebus Is Better than Spreadsheets

Over the last decade, we have made strides in the way we operate and manage our supply chain. Innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and even analytics have changed the very way we work. We finally live in a world where we have more data than we ever did before and even though this can […]

Improving the Employee Experience in the Warehouse

How Real-time Warehouse Visibility Can Help Companies Make the Most of their Labor Supply chains around the world are struggling to keep up with the growing demand. The world is running out of everything from chips to people. This drastic fall in the availability of resources is triggering a global shortage in times when demand […]

3 Reasons Why Warehouse Visibility Should Not Be Overlooked

Warehouses are the most complex yet often overlooked part of any supply chain. Even though tools such as automation, machine learning, and AI are taking the industry by storm, these are no substitute for true and real-time Warehouse Visibility into your operations and create more data and complexity than ever before. Information, especially in the […]

Accredited Blue Yonder Implementation Partner

Understanding Supply Chain Technology Solutions When it comes to warehouses, a warehouse management system or supply chain execution system can be incredibly complicated. For a warehouse that is larger than 1 million square feet, the rules around how the product gets in, quarantined, put away, processed, where value-added services are applied; along with adding the […]

Real-Time Warehouse Inventory Visibility: Increase Your ROI

You have 35 different warehouses full of inventory. The inventory is constantly changing, moving from one location to another, and getting shipped in and out. The status of the inventory items changes from available to unavailable, and people adjust quantities up and down. Ideally, you would want to see what is going on across all […]

Rebus Data Services Implemented into Canada’s Leading Third-Party Healthcare Service Provider

As a Leading Supply Chain Consulting Company and Pioneer of Data Services, Longbow Continues to Implement Rebus into Top Tier Companies. Data services offer companies a technology to use the same data set repeatedly to deliver multiple value streams specific to their business needs. About Accuristix Accuristix, Canada’s leading third-party healthcare service provider, focused on delivering […]

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