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Leading Global Food and Candy Manufacturer Increases Efficiency

Cutting Costs and Increasing
Efficiency by Consolidating Data to
One Real-Time Platform

A leading global food and candy manufacturer was struggling with inefficiency. They were using multiple WMS instances at their 400+ locations. They needed to optimize their warehouses and streamline their 100k person organization.

They needed a tool to merge multiple data sources and formats into a single platform. They also needed the ability to run queries without any SQL knowledge. Finally, they wanted to see KPIs at a network level. Their current system required users to open up to 10 different applications to access historical data. That wasn’t practical at scale for a company that is home to many billion-dollar brands.

Another issue that the team was looking to optimize was the flow of aging inventory. Their current process involved each WMS instance sending a report to an analyst, who had to compile it by hand. Then they shared it with the business unit, usually with a delay. They needed real-time visibility. They needed to be able to identify aging pallets and manage their flow in real-time, to save time and money.

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