Kraft Heinz uses Rebus Warehouse Visibility and Intelligent Labor to Achieve Real-time Visibility in Their Warehouse

Real-Time Visibility for You

What if you could see into every aspect of your warehouse? Of your labor force? This is a question that Kraft Heinz wanted to answer with the help of Rebus, a leading supply chain visibility and labor management tool designed to give companies the ability to make point in time decisions about their warehouse operations.

With Rebus, Kraft Heinz was able to: 

    • Gain real-time visibility into opportunities and risks across their entire distribution network
    • Reduce data refresh from 8 hours to a couple of minutes
    • Get a complete real-time snapshot of all their operational metrics on one dashboard

Rebus can help warehouse operations improve performance and productivity within a matter of weeks from implementation.

"Rebus offers a lot more than the standard LMS on the market; it drives additional warehouse opportunities beyond measurements against engineered standards. You can compare warehouses and networks against each other, gain deep-dive views into inventory, and see in real-time how your network is performing."

– Erin Mitchell, Head of North American Warehousing, Kraft Heinz

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