Merger and improvement of the warehouse management system

WMS Optimization
for Kraft Heinz Comingle​​

When Kraft Foods Group and Heinz merged, it created the fifth largest food and beverage company in the world and the third largest in the United States.

Integrating Heinz products into what had previously been Kraft-only distribution facilities would solve several logistical and customer service issues.

The integration would allow customers to order any combination of Kraft and Heinz products without having to deal with two different warehouse locations, truck delivery and tracking systems. By integrating, it would reduce the company’s transportation costs.

The project, which was renamed “Comingle”, Kraft Heinz turned to Longbow Advantage to design and install the required WMS enhancement.

“I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to call on Longbow for another project. They proved they could deliver for us.”

-Dan Cummins, Associate Director,
IT Logistics Global, The Kraft Heinz Company

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