Discover a Better Labor Management System

Take the stress out of labor management with a cloud-based LMS that’s clever, agile, and designed to get smarter over time. Rebus connects to your WMS and ERP for a comprehensive view of your operations. Request a demo now!

Gain Intra-Shift Visibility with Real-Time Warehouse Analytics

High demand and tight timelines strain operations. Relying on out-of-date analytics can delay shipments and cause friction between your vendors and customers. Losing precious hours on indirect or non-value-add processes quickly snowballs into fulfillment delays, headaches, low morale, and profit loss. 

Expectations on throughput have never been higher. End-to-end visibility gives you a concise overview of how your warehouse is performing. Surviving the supply chain means rethinking every part of your strategy. 

Traditional enterprise LMS are costly, require long implementation times, and have expensive upgrades. A cloud-based LMS can demonstrate a productivity gain in months — not years. 

Warehouses rely on Rebus to:

  • Identify opportunities for process improvement 
  • Eliminate clunky and outdated spreadsheets
  • Forecast staffing levels for successful operation 
  • Visualize productivity levels of teams and individuals
  • Centralize their data with easy-to-read dashboards

Our powerful labor management cloud-based tool harmonizes your data across multiple platforms. That way, you can see and react to activities happening in your warehouses as they happen across distribution centers.

Learn more about how Rebus optimizes your supply chain visibility during a free demo.

Warehouse Visibility Lets You Access Your Data in One Place

Warehouse visibility is a unified view into supply chain operations. When your data is in one place, you can see and react to activities happening in multiple warehouses as they occur across distribution centers and WMS solutions. 

Rebus is an accredited implementation partner with industry-standard distribution and logistics tools, including Blue Yonder, SAP, Körber, BluJay, and MercuryGate. Our advanced knowledge of these platforms enables us to identify opportunities for improvement that even these services may miss. 

Rebus Warehouse Visibility brings all of your data together to give you point-in-time visibility into what’s happening across your operations. 

Eliminate Costly Implementations and Upgrades

The cloud-based Rebus platform can be up and running within a few weeks. Compare this to enterprise providers with implementation cycles of 6-8 months. After completing one warehouse, we can move on to the next one in weeks.

Improve Your Cost-to-Serve

Get more done with your existing resources. Rebus provides total visibility into your warehouse’s performance. You can see how individual departments are performing and breakdowns of your labor costs.

Harmonize Data Across Platforms

The advanced functionality of the Rebus platform lets you harmonize data across multiple platforms into an easy-to-read dashboard. You can also customize the dashboard to keep track of the metrics that matter most to you.

Enhanced Productivity and Profitability

There are tens of thousands of data points in the average workday. Too many LMS don’t account for the human side of productivity. Rebus connects to your existing WMS and ERP system to provide a holistic look into your employee’s productivity throughout a shift.

Motivate, Measure, And Reward Performance

Rebus improves morale and safety. Employee-level detail lets you know who exceeds expectations and who needs help in real-time. Detailed performance analysis can keep your best employees engaged while mitigating safety risks.

Over 20 Years of Dependable Warehouse Management

“Without Rebus, I would have to turn back the clock 10 years, return to excel spreadsheets and archive reports. I would struggle with it, or I would be looking for something just like Rebus.”

- Ryan Donoghue, Director of Operations and Continuous Improvement, Accuristix​

“Before we began looking at Rebus, each group of managers had their own set of analytics. We had two full-time employees dedicated to creating a metrics report that we’d meet weekly to review … but looking at the past week’s performance wasn’t helping the team with ‘today.’ Pulling the data and assembling reports was a tedious and time-consuming process that took days. And more importantly, the metrics pulled were already outdated by the time they were compiled.”

- Don Hensley, Regional Inventory Control Manager, Del Monte

“We have brought Longbow back to lead our multi-site upgrade project becuase they have both the technical and functional expertise that we needed, and we continue to use their services. The performance gains we saw after Longbow turned on our system, we impressive.

- Brian Simmermon, VP & CIO, Subaru of America, Inc.

Is Your Warehouse a Black Box? We Want to Help.

Track real-time and historical performance of any operational metric with Rebus. There’s a reason why global leaders in the CPG, Food & Beverage, Distribution, and 3PL industries rely on Rebus for their daily operations. 

Learn more about how we transform your distribution operations during a free demo! 

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