GTM Expands Outreach

Over the years, we have grown exponentially; with our growth in Canada, America, and now the United Kingdom, our teams have been hard at work in helping businesses achieve their supply chain needs. As many companies encounter challenges with their supply chain compliance, efficiency, ROI, and global trade, our team will attend the ICPA conference to offer guidance and solutions. 

What is the ICPA Conference?

The International Compliance Professionals Association (ICPA) conference will be this September 13-15th, in Grapevine, TX. The ICPA conference specializes in bringing knowledgeable professionals together to network and discuss topics like Import/Export Compliance or Operations, Supply Chain Compliance or Security, Internal Control, and Government Relations. ICPA also has several speakers (including one of our GTM team members) scheduled to share insight and solutions on overcoming everyday challenges. 

Providing Global Trade Management Solutions

On Day 2 of the ICPA Conference, Jeff McCauley, Global Trade Management Director at Longbow, will be presenting "Getting a Seat in the Boardroom." McCauley's session will highlight the continuously changing crisis within the management of global trade operations and how often it's overlooked in corporate initiatives and visions. McCauley will also share topics, tips, and techniques for making global trade discussions directed and relevant for C-level executives. 

In addition to McCauley's speaking, we will have a booth featuring our Full-Stack software, Rebus Data Services. With Rebus' ability to produce real-time visibility into supply chain operations, Rebus is changing the way businesses view their distribution network.  


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