Overarching to Single-Issue Assessment

Even when you know what isn’t working and have a good idea why, the question is: “What’s the best way to solve the problem?” Or, maybe you are trying to decide which supply chain execution software suits your requirements.

That’s where our Assessment Services comes in. We’ve walked the warehouse floor, we’ve launched full supply chain execution systems and we’ve made configuration adjustments in response to new business directions.

That’s a rare combination of functional and technical knowledge. Plus, we’ve developed a repeatable approach utilizing functional and the technical resources for any kind of project, regardless of size. The result is rapid problem identification and resolution, smooth launch of your chosen supply chain execution system software or one element in an overarching proposal for transforming operations.

Customer and Client Advocates

As we’re not tied to any single supply chain software solution, we can objectively evaluate all the alternatives for solving your specific problem. Our team will guide your choice of a supply chain execution system according to what you want your core capabilities to be and the objectives of your operation.

We’re an implementation partner with JDA, and have experience with HighJump, SAP, BluJay, and MercuryGate. We have a deep understanding of each provider’s software and can assess which solution makes the most sense for your operations.

Supply Chain Assessment Services includes:

  • Assessing business requirements
  • Determining operating requirements
  • Identifying improvement opportunities
  • Developing improvement recommendations
  • Developing roadmap of initiatives with financial and metric analysis support
Supply Chain Assessment

The Era of Data Services

You work hard and most likely wear many hats. You should require the same of your data, and more specifically, you should expect the same from your technology partners who manage your data.

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