Data Management System Implementations
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Our customers will tell you that when we commit to a date, we make it happen, and when we define a scope, we stand by it. We understand your industry because we have the right people who have walked in your shoes and are ready to solve any supply chain challenge.

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What also sets us apart is that we have a true understanding of how product flows through distribution facilities. We couple that insight with exceptional software expertise, culled through multiple engagements and Rebus development, to configure the system correctly and generate the right test scenarios.

System implementation includes data conversion and setting up reporting. In complement to integrated engineering, we round out our Systems Implementation Service with training programs, so every person understands how to use the system and do their job better.

Comprehensive Gap Analysis

Supply chain execution systems are so large and complex because they in essence reflect the incredible volume of tasks, departments and organizations that form your value chain. 

We continually execute “reality checks” during each part of systems implementation to assure that we meet the requirements of each stakeholder and every possible design requirement.

Longbow’s Systems Implementation Services include:

  • Integrated design and engineering
  • Supply chain execution systems implementation
  • Organization preparedness
  • Integrated training, testing
  • Go live and transition
  • Ongoing post-implementation support
Supply Chain Systems Implementation

Customized Training Enables Extracting Maximum ROI​

We’ve learned through the years that training is as important as development and testing. Effective training delivers improved testing and Quality Assurance, seamless testing and go-live, and more effective change management.

Our goal is to ensure that, at go-live, your employees are skilled, confident and efficient. That way you don’t have to bear the high cost of performance problems and operational slowdowns that can result from inadequate training.

  • End-User Training
  • Super-User Training
  • Post-Deployment Training

End-User Training

End-user training enables us to take the time to customize training and create an environment that simulates your warehouse processes. Your people learn the new system exactly the same way they will be using it, and train with data that is meaningful to them.

We use small class sizes, separated by employee functionality, so that every employee gets the personal attention he or she requires to learn the new system. Everyone trains in front of their own computer, giving them hands-on experience. 

scm implementation

Super-User Training

Over 4-6 hours, we’ll teach super users to set up profiles and cover topics like user and administration configuration, warehouse setup, receiving and put away rules, outbound and shipping rules, and much more. In integration training, users learn the dynamics of exchanging information between your WMS and your host system. 

supply chain software implementation

Post-Deployment Training

We’ll always be available, but we emphasize a train-the-trainer approach. We train a selected group of super-users within your organization on the entire system, so that they can provide training after the implementation is completed.

Post Deployment Training

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