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BlueYonder (previously JDA) software now integrates WMS data generated by IoT devices, TMS data from mobile sources including freight and cargo carriers, and artificial intelligence algorithms. Rebus, our flexible Data Services platform enables you to easily process the massive amounts of data your supply chain execution systems generate today, and in the future.

The level of depth Longbow’s consultants has with BlueYonder software enables them to find opportunities for improvements that even BlueYonder might miss. That includes the capabilities found in BlueYonder’s Intelligent Fulfillment™ software, which is used by distribution centers in these applications:

  • Warehouse Management (WMS)
  • Track & Trace
  • Transportation Management (TMS)
  • Fulfillment

The Evolution of BlueYonder WMS

Originating in 1975 McHugh Freeman & Associates created one of the first packaged Warehouse Management Systems. Over the following 25 years, the renamed McHugh Software expanded their product portfolio to include Transportation Management and Labor Management. In the early 2000s, McHugh rebranded as RedPrairie and subsequently completed acquisitions of LIS, the UK based provider of Dispatcher WMS, and also MARC Global. The company continued to develop and implement both the RedPrairie Discrete WMS and Dispatcher WMS globally. In 2012 RedPrairie completed the purchase of JDA Software, and the combined organization adopted the JDA brand. In 2020 JDA renamed the organization BlueYonder with the ongoing development of the JDA WMS but also announced the end of Dispatcher WMS scheduled for 2025.

BlueYonder JDA Consulting

Is BlueYonder right for you?

Not only can we guide you in that decision, should you choose BlueYonder, we can help with assessment and design, strategy, implementation, training and even system hosting.

RedPrairie WMS Optimization Case Study: Accuristix

Find out how Longbow helped a leading North American 3PL dramatically improve system performance – enabling the company to host 5 times the number of clients on its RedPrairie (now part of BlueYonder) WMS.

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