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Our SAP consultants are ready to make the transition to an in-memory solution using modern warehouse management systems such as SAP EWM. Buzz words aside, the crux of digital transformation lies in adopting fully integrated systems that provide end to end inventory visibility across your supply chain. A successful transformation to a digital supply chain calls for partnering with consultants that have both operational and technical expertise

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Our team is staffed with supply chain professionals who have over 15 years of experience implementing integrated logistics and distribution solutions. Many of our team members had leadership roles at large global companies and fully understand the challenges of supply chain execution and the importance of selecting the right partners. 

Longbow has helped hundreds of companies optimize supply chain operations using integrated solutions. Rebus, our Data Services platform, was developed to be a hosted SaaS solution so we could take advantage of the scalability, agility and licensing model inherent to the cloud. We’re ready to help you determine if SAP or another solution makes sense for your enterprise, and then develop, deploy and support the system for you.

SAP's Digital Supply Chain Logistics Offerings

SAP’s digital supply chain logistics offerings include these solutions deployed either on-premise or in the cloud

  • SAP TM

Implementation Services Include:

  • Systems strategy and solution deployment roadmap development
  • Turn-key solution deployments including migrating from WM to EWM
  • Assessment and optimization of your existing systems platform
  • Upgrades and system enhancements 
  • Production support services

Should You Be Considering SAP EWM?

SAP has invested significantly in EWM over the past few years, with the goal of delivering a solution that can compete with the leading commercially available best of breed WMS alternatives.

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