Demand for Global Trade Management:

Global Trade conditions have never been more complex. Expanding trade opportunities and requirements are changing every day as the globalized trade community continues to be challenged by trade wars, non-tariff trade barriers, new regulations, and inconsistent and archaic business processes throughout the global marketplace.

While change and uncertainty are impacting the definition of global trade, finding experienced professionals for trusted guidance and confirmation is a challenge. Experienced trade professionals that can review existing data, identify opportunities in process and trade regulation, and limit the risk to increased duty spend while strategically realizing benefits without delay in the supply chain are critical.  

Global Trade Management Solutions by Longbow

We’ve emerged as an agile partner that can help any organization rise to these challenges of complexity and provide a flexible, informed and intelligent plan to adapt and move any logistics and trade operation to a new level of optimization.

Comprised of trade professionals focused on service, process, and design, rather than any specific system, provider, or design, Longbow is an established network of trade professionals available to provide the following services:

  • Platform Implementation – Experienced system integrator for leading GTM platforms
  • Strategic Design - Design and document strategic trade programs around optimal business partnerships, sourcing, and process transformation
  • Program Optimization - Evaluate existing trade programs and operational processes while identifying opportunities for enhancement and growth
  • Training - Develop and deliver compliance training for operational trade processes including entry and transaction processing, duty deferral management, and duty elimination opportunities
  • Process Automation - Review current business processes to leverage “best practices” across a vertical market and trade landscape limited by experienced resources and global complexity
  • Platform Selection - Assist the vendor selection process through the development of trade solution RFIs and RFPs, common-sense evaluation of results, and inclusion of benchmarking and measurement criteria to quantify successful results

Global Trade Impacts on the Supply Chain

Our Clients Rely on Real-Time Information to Address Common Demands Placed on Their Supply Chain:

Network Demands

  • Inventory and Warehouse Management - Focus on the lowest price per SKU for processing and the “perfect pick” processing to ensure quick throughput
  • Transportation - Focus on consolidation within a supply chain network to enhance cost savings and ensure vendor performance
  • Logistics Provider Management - Management of any service delay, disruption and potential cost overrun due to unexpected design
  • Process Compliance - Legal requirements overlay the entire process and guide decisions and outcomes for all stakeholders

Global Trade Integration

  • Inventory and Warehouse Management - Focus on all SKU’s within the supply chain including bonded, domestic, and international shipments to realize benefits where it makes sense
  • Transportation - Focus on regulatory and operational requirements to allow for various forms and providers within the supply chain network
  • Logistics Provider Management - Focus on milestones, improvements to reduce defects, costly delays, and extended vendors through quality control in the control point process
  • Process Compliance - Integrate trade security and legal requirements into vendor and factory management, selection, and quality assurance of the supply chain process to reduce overall risk

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