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With a Labor Management System that provides you with real-time insight into every action scheduled and in process, and drill-down into single-employee levels; you can overcome the most data-intensive challenges.

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Longbow can help you select, install, and configure your LMS to deliver critical metrics that will help you better manage your workforce and your budget. We can implement your LMS as a standalone project or as part of a comprehensive supply chain execution implementation. We can also integrate your LMS with other third-party software.

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Getting the highest level of productivity from your people is why you invest in a labor management system. To attain optimum productivity, the LMS you choose needs to be precisely configured to match how your workforce operates.

It’s imperative that you properly define direct and indirect activities, goal times and requisite resources. Longbow’s consultants achieve your labor management objectives, methodically working through a series of tasks including:

  • Reviewing current operational processes and recommend labor standards
  • Defining job codes and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Defining schedules, shifts, and indirect time for employee time tracking
  • Specifying work categories and equipment used
  • Configuring and testing any integration points
  • Providing customized user training to optimize activities and employ labor management reporting capabilities

Better Utilize Workforce, Improve Data Accuracy, and Eliminate Reporting Issues

Having high demand and tight timelines for shipping the right parts from the right distribution center put a lot of pressure on Subaru's warehouse management and labor management systems. View our case study to learn how Rebus helped optimize warehouse operations for Subaru to improve your operations!

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