The Need for Speed – Fulfillment Speed

Car enthusiasts are fiercely loyal to their favorite brands. When weekend projects roll around, they also expect the parts they want to be on the shelf at retail outlets. More and more, “DIFM” customers want quick turnaround when they bring their car or truck into the shop for modification or repair. Installers succeed when they can get the parts they need, when they need them, at the lowest price.

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We’re You’re Supply Chain System Implementation “Pit Crew”

Longbow has a seasoned staff of software engineers and developers who also have career experience in companies dependent on distribution operations. That gives them an unmatched background skills essential for implementing and configuring supply chain execution systems optimized for distribution operations, inventory deployment, labor management, transportation and demand planning.

With a comprehensive WMS/LMS/TMS implementation, training and support, we can help you optimize:

  • Parts manifesting
  • Parts maintenance
  • Import/export requirements
  • Multi-warehouse implementation
  • Transportation management

Better Utilize Workforce, Improve Data Accuracy, and Eliminate Reporting Issues

Having high demand and tight timelines for shipping the right parts from the right distribution center put a lot of pressure on Subaru's warehouse management and labor management systems. View our case study to learn how Rebus helped optimize warehouse operations for Subaru to improve your operations!

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