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Significant changes in an industry that’s hundreds of years old create substantial challenges for established players. Staying competitive requires rethinking deeply entrenched processes and adopting new technologies.

On another front, new companies leveraging eCommerce and mail-order purchasing models are driving multi-channel distribution schemes. But those need to be extremely efficient in order to meet customer experience expectations that come with premium prices. 

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Data Migration Case Study: Sun Products

See the approach Longbow Advantage took to design and execute a seamless data migration for five Sun Products (now Henkel) distribution centers and plants, all while being ahead of schedule and under budget.

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Value-priced Services for Any Size Enterprise

Whether you are a global brand seeking digital transformation to stay competitive or a start-up determined to be the leader in your market niche, we can help. High-performing, insightful warehouse operations, workforce management and transportation management systems are the key to success for companies of all sizes, at any point in their enterprise journey.

Longbow has been engaged by KraftHeinz, Henkel (Sun Products), Bolthouse Farms and other renowned brands to do just that. We’ve helped transform legacy distribution processes with supply chain execution systems services for unprecedented visibility and data analysis. The result? Faster response to shifting preferences. Easier compliance with industry regulations. Ultimately, we create a distribution channel that’s a strategic advantage, not a productivity and revenue bottleneck.

  • Country of origin management and tracking
  • Putaway strategies and configuration by product type

  • Lot format setup and integration

  • Integration with automation (laser guided vehicles, ASRS, etc.)

  • Interleaving directed work setup

  • Customer-specific paperwork configuration

  • Value-added services (e.g. rainbow pallets, repackaging, store-ready displays)

  • RFID implantation and tracking


With a value-priced service implementation model cultivated through hundreds of engagements, we can help you optimize:

  • Assembly services
  • Value-added services (e.g. rainbow pallets, store-ready displays)
  • RFID implantation and tracking
  • Country of origin management and tracking

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