Facing Unique & Complex Distribution Challenges

ePedigree data requirements and swift, effective recall management necessitate flawless traceability throughout the supply chain. Correlating shipments to manufacturing orders and supplier lots is contingent on comprehensive insight. Supply chain integrity is central to mitigating risk. You need real-time visibility into every stage of manufacturing and distribution to effectively manage recalls and preserve brand equity as well as maximize efficiencies throughout your supply chain. 

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Unique and Comprehensive Services & Technology

Longbow’s technology agnostic approach to supply chain execution systems implementation puts us in the enviable position of non-biased vendor evaluation. We’ll help you find the ideal software and provider for your company and industry. Working as partners, we’ll account for every link in your distribution ecosystem, and uncover opportunities for improving warehouse, labor and transportation management.

We’ll probably also recommend you integrate the Rebus Data Services platform to give you real-time data visibility, rapid customized reporting and built-in collaboration that could literally save lives as well as the company’s reputation.

  • Adherence to FDA and other regulatory government and corporate procedures
  • Ongoing standards maintenance
  • Comprehensive inventory management, end-to-end visibility and traceability of inventory, and recall facilitation
  • Inventory rotation and date control
  • Proper disposition of non-sellable products
  • Special handling and temperature control throughout product transportation and warehousing
  • Safe receipt, storage and shipping of hazardous materials and opioids

Real-Time Visibility into Your Distribution and Logistics Data

"Without Rebus, I would have turn back the clock 10 years return to excel spreadsheets and archive reports. I would struggle with it, or I would be looking for something just like Rebus."

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