Your Supply Chain is Your Business

In your business, real-time visibility into every action is essential to profitability. Being able to adapt to different customers’ needs is the key to growth. You need 360-degree, real-time inventory visibility and reporting capabilities to deliver on-time and on-budget.

Longbow consultants can help you collapse multiple systems into a unified platform with access to “single source of truth” data inside and outside your facilities. We’ll eliminate error-prone manual process and ad-hoc reports filled with untrusted data. And we’ll create single-task, individual employee visibility that reveals cost impact of each action on fulfillment and transportation logistics.

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Implementing Supply Chain Execution Systems is Our Business

Companies such as Metro Supply Chain Group and Accuristix have relied on us to guide them through the design and implementation of their supply chain execution systems because of our unmatched technical and foundational capabilities.

Just as we’ve helped them integrate technology platforms and data from multiple sources into a single system that provides granular tracking and inventory control, we can help you with:

  • Multi-client and warehouse implementation
  • EDI interface requirements
  • Secure, real-time visibility of orders
  • Integration with customers
  • Customer specific value added services
  • Billing modifications for accurate charge capture
Logistics and supply chain management

Real-Time Visibility into Your Distribution and Logistics Data

"Without Rebus, I would have turn back the clock 10 years return to excel spreadsheets and archive reports. I would struggle with it, or I would be looking for something just like Rebus."

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