The Global Leader in Supply Chain Visibility and Labor Management

“Rebus provides total visibility into any problem areas of the warehouse and allowed us to assess how well we were using all of the functionality that our WMS offered.”

“Longbow is knowledgeable and professional. The quality of information and system knowledge is top notch.”

Senior Director of Supply Chain for Global Consumer Packaging Manufacturer

Bev Tigert, Metro Supply Chain Group

The Rebus© Platform

Real-time visibility into the warehouse, agile labor performance tracking, and vendor-agnostic inventory status changes with end-to-end traceability.

Supply Chain Implementation and Integration

Longbow provides high-quality supply chain software implementations and upgrades. 

Helping Global Brands Solve Challenges in Logistics Management

The Rebus© Platform

Real-Time Warehouse Visibility

Supply Chain Consulting Services

Implementation and Integration of any Supply
Chain Management System

We are Obsessed with Customer Success

While working with some of the most well known brands in the world, Longbow provides high-quality supply chain software implementations and upgrades. With background knowledge of warehouse management systems and operations, our consultants can help you achieve your distribution goals.

Rebus Warehouse Visibility

Supply chain visibility begins in the warehouse and should be real-time and easy to consume. Rebus Warehouse Visibility creates real-time visibility into the massive data created across DCs and WMS solutions.

Warehouse Visibility and Intelligent Labor Implementation

Accuristix is a 3PL provider with over 100 clients with multitenant facility warehouses for every client. Two years ago, Donoghue and the continuous improvement team identified where Accuristix could either do more with the same or the same with less. Post implementing Rebus Warehouse Visibility and Rebus Intelligent Labor, Accuristix has seen tremendous results.

Rebus Inventory Operations

Inventory status and tracking must be accurate, regardless of where the data is stored. Rebus Inventory Operations is an inventory visibility solution that provides vendor-agnostic inventory status changes and end-to-end traceability.

Benefits of Implementing The Rebus Platform

Eliminate Costly WMS Go-Live Inefficiencies

Create real-time visibility operations and avoid 10-30% increased labor costs and disrupted shipments during WMS go live 

Faster LMS Time-to-Value

Savings of $100k+ by easily implementing Intelligent Labor at multiple sites at once and realizing benefits immediately 

Improve Cost-to-Serve

Improve cost to service customers by 15 – 20% through better labor optimizations.

Increase Customer Order Visibility

Real-time inventory status accuracy in the WMS significantly decreases risk and increases productivity across the warehouse

Increase LMS Effectiveness Over Time

Intelligent Labor means no complex projects due to outdated setups, making it 90% more cost-effective than the other labor technologies that haven’t changed in decades.

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Accomplish visibility goals in weeks as compared to months or years with current solutions that aren’t purpose-built for the warehouse

Market Impact

Rebus enables customers to transform their warehouse effectiveness with real-time visibility into operations that previously were only available when it was too late to take action (hours later or the next day).

Reduce Overtime

Reduce, or eliminate 25%-100% of overtime in the warehouse with real-time visibility into costs as they happen

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