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Hello Longbow and hello 2021…thank goodness!

While we had a few bumps along the way, we held our own in 2020 and continued to deliver the highest quality solutions for our customers and have some fun along the way. This issue of the Lowdown, highlights some great new customer additions to the Longbow family. Adding new customers is the lifeblood of growing and adding new, rewarding jobs to Longbow and Rebus, so we can continue to hire the best and brightest. I love seeing the tenure of so many folks growing, and we’re adding some fantastic new team members across all areas of the company. Thank you for all you do in making Longbow a great place to work and The Technology Partner that Redefines the Possible! 



Employee Spotlight

Sadaf Akbar
Accounting Technician

My parents left their native city Kabul, Afghanistan, to New Delhi, India, shortly after the Soviet war. What was meant to be two weeks away from their country ended up being 12 years spent in India. In fact, I was born in New Delhi and moved to Canada at the age of 7. I have two very distinct memories of our move to Montreal; the 15-hour long flight and the frigid October weather. 

Most of my schooling was done in French; to say I was clueless the first few months would be an understatement! I graduated from JMSB, Concordia, in 2015 in accounting; very exciting, I know!!! 

I joined the longbow team just over a year ago, after working at International Neon for 4 years. I'm sure we all have our "2020 stories" to tell; mine would be getting engaged to my fiancé Stephen. We are planning to get married this year but let's see what COVID has in store for all of us.

Fun Tidbits about Sadaf:

  • I speak four languages; English, French, Farsi and Hindi.  
  • I love sugar and cannot function without my Tim Hortons Ice Caps (just ask Natalie).
  • I used to think of myself as a very sporty person … but end up hating every sport I try. I realized these sports were meant to be watched from my couch! 


Birthdays and Anniversaries

January                                   February
2 Years - Richard Lock                         1 Year - Ronald Krisak
2 Years - Scott Wishart                         2 Years - Sejal Awadaria 
2 Years - Tony Young                            3 Years - Shobhit Utreja 
2 Years - Adam Garcia                          3 Years - Tim Betz
3 Years - Cachelle Walker                    4 Years - Dylan McKeever
3 Years - Luke Lafountain                    7 Years - Kevin Light
3 Years - Nicholas Kral                          7 Years - Sean Zia
8 Years - Jonathan Callan
8 Years - Brandon McColl



January                             February
Jan 4 - Adarsh More                      Feb 8 - Dana Mulvaney 
Jan 6 - Aldwin Tee                          Feb 15 - Todd Kolber
Jan 15 - John Azemi                       Feb 20 - Michael Cloutier
Jan 19 - Scott Wishart                    Feb 22 - Monique Azore
Jan 24 - Chelsea Brady                  Feb 25 - Michael Pinzl
Jan 26 - Abdul Shohatti                 Feb 27 - Ryan Geb
Jan 27 - Jean Nouzeilles                Feb 27 - Yenquis Fermin
Jan 27 - Reehan Shaikh
Jan 28 - James Polese
Jan 29 - Gerry Brady
Jan 31 - Gerald Rivera


New Longbow Team Members

Amir Khaleghi
Software Analyst
Joined: November 30, 2020

"Sell a man a fish, he eats for a day,
teach a man how to fish, you ruin a

wonderful business opportunity." 

Adarsh More
QA Analyst
Joined: November 30, 2020

"Bad times are Good times
to prepare for Better times"

- Ruskin Bond 

Kelly Walter
Director of Sales
Joined: December 1, 2020

"Don’t take life too seriously,
you’ll never get out alive. 
Write that down." 

- Van Wilder quoting Elbert Hubbard

James Dasher
Sr. Business Analyst
Joined: January 11, 2021

"Don't let the fear of striking out
keep you from stepping up
to the plate." 

- Babe Ruth

Leo Goril
IT Manager
Joined: January 18, 2021

"Believe you can and
you're halfway there." 
- Theodore Roosevelt

Leigh Chesley
VP of Marketing
Joined: January 25, 2021

"Start by saying yes." 


Company Fun

Holiday Cocktail Hour

As we wrapped up 2020, we held a final all company Holiday Cocktail Hour. From playing games like "Guess Who's Santa?" to sharing Eggnog Recipes to messing around with "theater mode" on Teams, employees were able to leave all the stress behind and merrily greet 2021 with positivity. 











Holiday Ugly Sweater Contest

The Social Committee's first activity was a Holiday Ugly Sweater Contest! Thank you to employees who participated; it's always exciting to see employees come together to spread joy and laughter - especially during these times of social isolation. 

Congratulations Edip Tac! 





Customer Acquistions

US Foods

Congratulations to the US Foods account team on the new Rebus Analytics win. This was a particularly challenging win accomplished in the wake of a nearly 30% decline in top-line revenue due to COVID, significant IT cuts, and a corporate-wide budget freeze. Despite those headwinds, the corporate CFO and CIO realized the compelling value of Rebus and made an exception to move forward with the project. 

US Foods is the second-largest foodservice distributor in North America with $26B annual revenue and 28K employees. Rebus was selected to replace a Tableau mobility project that couldn't deliver on USF's #1 supply chain priority -- real-time visibility. Rebus will integrate with their homegrown WMS (Tandem) and Blue Yonder's WLM solution. This is the first site of what will be an enterprise-wide deployment across 80+ sites.


Hopewell Logistics

Congratulations to the Hopewell account team on the new Rebus Analytics and Labor winFounded in 1996, Hopewell Logistics is part of the Hopewell Group of Companies and provides third-party logistics services to some of the world's largest and best-loved brands.

Hopewell Logistics will utilize Rebus Analytics and Rebus Labor in a single site in Georgetown, Ontario, servicing fulfillment operations for Kraft-Heinz. The deal is for $14,100 ARR and $70,000 Services. This was quite a battle for the Labor module as Hopewell currently utilizes BY Labor and wasn't eager to switch. With the help of Tim Betz and Kraft's testimony on how well the Rebus team had done at replacing BY Labor in Kraft sites, we were able to convince Hopewell to make the switch. There will be two more Kraft-Heinz sites in 2021. Hopewell's CIO has agreed to review Rebus for all of Hopewell's operations in the Spring of 2021, after a successful go-live.



Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, Meritor is a leading global supplier of drivetrain, mobility, braking, and aftermarket solutions for commercial vehicle and industrial markets. Meritor employs 8,400 employees and has offices in 19 countries. They are publicly traded under the ticker MTOR.

Meritor has selected Longbow to upgrade/reimplement the Blue Yonder WMS system (v.2013 to v.2020) at their Troy, MI distribution center. The SOW value is $350,000 for a single site upgrade. Longbow was selected over incumbent Open Sky primarily due to a personal relationship developed by Shawn McLeese with a key member of Meritor's IT organization. We anticipate Longbow's involvement with all 4 DCs upgrades. 


Ceva Logistics


CEVA Logistics is one of the world's leading non-asset-based logistics services providers. CEVA Logistics offers a broad range of services in Contract Logistics and Freight Management - thanks to 78,000 employees, operating over 1,000 facilities in more than 160 countries. CEVA Logistics is part of the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in ocean shipping and logistics.

CEVA has selected Longbow as its strategic partner for the implementation and support of its Blue Yonder Dispatcher program. Under this relationship, CEVA is funding training of Longbow associates to learn the Dispatcher solution to provide implementation services for new CEVA customers in North America. The initial SOW is $153,600 for the training of the Longbow team. The most exciting aspect of this win is the significant potential for Dispatcher work – both with CEVA and with other companies – in the future. The Dispatcher solution is actively sold in Europe and has a sizeable existing install base.

Developing this expertise on the Dispatcher product puts Longbow in a unique position to service a starved market for qualified resources. The forward plan is to roll right into implementations to assist with 2021 projects.


New Resources

Kathy Ireland Full Skype Interview 

The full skype interview with Kathy Ireland is live on our website. Have you watched it? Check it out and feel free to share with your network!

Rebus on Kathy Ireland


Control Tower Product Sheet

As mentioned in our previous Lowdown, we developed new forms of content that are now available on our website. Make sure to check out our new content and share it with others on your social network. Among our recent additions to our resources (Articles, Infographics, Podcasts, and Videos) we are happy to introduce Product Sheets. 

Check out our Rebus Control Tower Product Sheet

Control Tower Product Sheet