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Hello Longbow!

We have been keeping ourselves busy! With our record-breaking Q4, we have been moving forward and growing despite the rapid global changes. Recapping our all-company meeting, we have exciting changes to look forward to; from changes in HR to new marketing updates to a new user interface for Rebus to outstanding projects delivered by the consulting team and Rebus team - the future of Longbow is bright! Thank you all for your hard work, and thank you for making our Q4 one for the books! Let's continue working hard and playing hard to continue our growth and innovative expansion.


Employee Spotlight

Richard (RJ) Lock
Systems Analyst

I was born in Michigan as the third of my parents' four children. When I was ten, my mother got a job at Wake Forest University, and so the whole family moved down to North Carolina. I was on the academic team in high school and helped with technical theater (lights/sound/props). I got my BS in Computer Science from Appalachian State (Some of you might have heard of an infamous 2007 football game against a certain Ann Arbor school). After college, I moved back to Michigan and did a few internships before joining Longbow in January 2019. In my spare time, I enjoy tinkering with various electronics and programming. I also still occasionally help out with local theater. Since the start of the pandemic, I've started running and learning to play guitar.

Fun Tidbits about RJ:

  • Every summer, I go on vacation with a group of ~20 family and friends

  • One of my favorite summer pastimes is going to Detroit Tigers baseball games

  • In the summer of 2017, I fell out of a tree and required a back brace for three months

  • Since graduating college, I've had weekly game nights with friends



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New Longbow Team Members


Mike Hreha
Senior Business Analyst
Joined: June 21, 2021

"The Greatness of a man is not in how much
wealth he acquires but in his integrity 
his ability to affect those around him positively" 

- Bob Marley


Dan Husser
Senior System Analyst
Joined: July 26, 2021

"There are no bad ideas;
only great ideas that go horribly wrong." 
- Jack Donaghy

Lindsay Sanford
Director of Human Resources
Joined: August 2, 2021

"If we were good at everything,
we would have no need for each other"

- Simon Sinek

Lavanya Subramani
Quality Assurance Analyst
Joined: July 12, 2021

"Dream! Take the first step. Focus
on the process of your journey. If you
get any obstacles don't stop,
keep going without turing back."

Rashmeet Kaur
Junior IT Administrator
Joined: August 16, 2021

"My smile motivates me."




In July, we closed a deal for Mars Wrigley (Chocolate (Mars) and Gum (Wrigley) division of the business in the US). In addition to their Rebus Warehouse Visibility, we are implementing Rebus Intelligent Labor into 8 Regional Distribution Centers (RDC's). Rebus will replace their Blue Yonder legacy labor management system, which became too cumbersome to maintain. 

With this deployment, we added an Electronic Bill of Lading as a new solution that minimizes the physical handling of paper to help prevent the spread of communicative diseases; and Archive to have easy access to their historical data in the RDC's. 

This is a HUGE win for Rebus ~ Congratulations to the Rebus team! 


NEW Conference Speakers

Keynote | Oct. 19 at 9:00 am
Becoming a Moment Maker 
Carlos Whittaker

Carlos Whittaker is a People's Choice Award winner, a former recording artist signed to a major label, a social media maven, and currently spends the majority of his time writing books and speaking on stages around the world. It really began when the Whittaker's found their family in America's spotlight with appearances on shows like CBS Early Morning, The Today Show and more when their viral video "Single Ladies Devastation" went viral. But for Carlos, his wife Heather and their three children, this viral moment was just a snapshot of the bigger picture.

"Our family has experienced our share of moments both big and small. What we've learned is that every single one has played a pinnacle part in our lives. Each moment has built on to the next one and when we take a step back we see this incredible canvas that has been woven together."

The release of "Moment Maker" marked Carlos' debut as an author, but his current book "Kill the Spider" has taken Carlos' tribe into the deeper parts of their souls. In his newest book Carlos helps people identify, locate, corner, and kill the spiders that are plaguing their lives. "My dad once told me that I must stop cleaning to cobwebs in my life and kill the spider", Carlos recalls. "This was a massive shift in my soul that began my journey towards being truly centered in my life.” 



Customer Success Story | Oct. 19 at 10:15 am
Creating Value Through a Unifed Data Analytics Apporach
Carlos Miranda

Mars Incorporated is an American multinational manufacturer of confectionery, pet food, and other food products headquartered in Virginia. They employ over 130,000 employees and sell their products in over 80 countries around the world.  

Session Summary: Carlos will present the ways that Mars has leveraged Rebus to generate savings through reporting and other capabilities, such as our future plan to eliminate WMS archive instances.



Customer Success Story | Oct. 19 at 3:30 pm
Gaining By-In and Engagement: Pay-for-Performance Incentive Program
Patrick Wehby

Conn’s is an American furniture, electronics, and appliances retailer headquartered in Texas, USA. They have over 146 stores across the country, including Colorado, Florida, and Tennessee, and employ more than 4,500 workers across their network.  

Session Summary: Patrick will present the newly started Pay for Performance program, the three main KPIs they are utilizing, and an overview of the program’s impact on their labor productivity. 



Upcoming Events

Webinar | Visibility in the Warehouse: Process, People and Product 

Our own Leigh Chelsey, VP of Marketing, and Michael Babiak, Customer Success Manager, will introduce attendees to the benefits of real-time warehouse visibility, showcase specific industry use cases, and share success customer stories. 

The Webinar will be held on Tuesday, August 31, 2021, at 1:00 PM EDT. Feel free to share this information with industry colleagues to help us promote the story of Rebus being built out of a need for logistics teams to leverage their own warehouse data to better understand their processes, people, and products. 

Webinar Registration




Hybrid Event | SCLA - September 13 - 15

The SCLA Annual Executive Business Forum is an in-depth program; participants from the corporate and academic world explore critical supply chain issues and best practices. Participants learn from each other and find better ways to improve their performance. Good luck networking! 

More Information




Virtual Event | NG Supply Chain Digital Summit - September 13 - 15

Connect with 70+ senior Supply Chain leaders for a curated agenda focused on tackling current business-critical challenges and driving the industry forward. The summit is designed to help build new connections with likeminded senior leaders, stay current with emerging business trends, understand the impact new technology can make, de-risk new projects by gaining a broad range of insights, accelerate key projects through meaningful new partnerships, and downloadable and actionable takeaways. 

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New Content and Resources

Case Study | Increasing Labor Productivity by Instituting Pay-for-Performance

Before implementing Rebus, this leading American furniture store faced challenges with time-consuming data pulls and a lack of visibility into real-time labor metrics.

They struggled with tracking and managing productivity in real-time, as their data pulls were tedious and had often resulted in historical, unusable data. For example, one key metric, Pieces per Hour(PPH), required extensive time to collect and view and still could only be viewed historically. Without real-time visibility, operations and employees did not have the opportunity to proactively course-correct to meet their established goals for performance. 

They needed a solution that would provide real-time insights into labor productivity, labor performance, and throughput to manage their employees and operations better. In addition, the solution had to be easy to use, flexible, and provide complete visibility into operations in real-time.


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Video | The Rebus Platform Overview

Rebus is a unified platform that provides real-time visibility into the warehouse for distribution teams who need access to make point-in-time decisions about their warehouse operations, labor management, and inventory. Unlike other visibility solutions that focus on more readily available data from trucks and rail, The Rebus Platform focuses on the heart of the supply chain – the warehouse. By connecting disparate systems across the distribution network, logistics professionals have unparalleled access to view and manage their warehouse like never.


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e-Book | Real-Time Warehouse Visibility

Real-time warehouse visibility is the only solution that gives companies the ability to pro-actively track, monitor, and get information for all activities taking place in a warehouse and/or distribution center. It is the ability to know exactly what is happening in which part of the network, being able to monitor it in real-time, set up alerts for certain parameters, and finally improve upon these operational metrics leading to time, cost, and labor savings. Real-time visibility into warehouse operations makes supply chains stronger, smarter, and more agile.

Download the e-Book to learn the value and benefits of real-time warehouse visibility and why many leading companies think it’s the industry’s best kept secret.


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News | Record-Setting Q4 - Warehouse Visibility is on the Rise! 

We hit a record-setting quarter for Longbow. In addition, we announced in a recent press release that new strides were set in our fiscal 2021 Q4, with a 70% ARR (annual recurring revenue) increase year over year. 

“Rebus is solving problems in ways our competitors cannot, and we continue to dominate the food and beverage space,” said Alex Wakefield, CEO of Longbow Advantage. “Beyond our amazing Q4 FY21, we have an even stronger pipeline coming into Q1. We’re very proud of our team and look forward to working with our customers to continue defining the industry of real-time use of supply chain data.” 

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