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Please. Tell me there is a light at the end of the tunnel…please. Well Longbow, I’m going to say that I’m starting to see a light at the end of the COVID tunnel. Vaccines are rolling out across the US and Canada and certain states in the US are opening up. Most states are loosening restrictions as well. I’m sure Canada will be close behind. I’m proud of our team for working so hard through the pandemic. It can be isolating, and very stressful, at times, but I believe that we are going to start interacting in person again soon. I’m not sure what it will be like, but it will be better than the past 12 months! I’m still optimistic about having the company party this summer, so stay tuned…and I hope to see all of you as soon as possible! Cheers! Alex


Employee Spotlight

Sasha Cartashiov
Technical Manager

I was born in Moldova: a small and very beautiful Eastern European county. If you haven't heard much about it, or at all, I don't blame you. But key highlights are good wine and impressive cellars, and very beautiful women.

However, as most former Soviet Union countries, Moldova struggled to define its own identity and create a safe living environment. And after graduating from high school, I started a long journey to find a place that I can call home. Packed with one suitcase of personal belongings, I first spent three years of college in the U.S., and then, in 2009, I came to Canada to study at McGill University. To this day, I don't have a good answer as to why I ended up changing Texas weather for Montreal weather, but overall, that was one of the best decisions of my life. While still in my second year of undergrad, I joined Longbow as an intern; and it is very hard to believe, but this coming May, it will be ten years since it happened.

Last year, in February, I married my beautiful wife Tanya (and yes, she is from Moldova). 2020 was a hard year for most people, and I cannot be more grateful that during such complicated times, in the middle of a pandemic, I had my family with me.

Fun Tidbits about Sasha:

  • My parents (mostly my mom) wanted me to be a dancer. So, for almost 8 years, I was dancing folk dances representing Moldova at various festivals across Europe. When I was 10, we participated in a dance festival in Ankara, Turkey. At the end of the festival, my dance instructor, my partner, and I took a picture with the mayor of Ankara, and the next day, that photo was printed in the local newspaper. 
  • During my three years of undergrad at McGill University, I was the only international student from Moldova. 
  • A couple of years ago, I fell in love with photography, and I was fortunate enough to be able to discover a lot of new places, especially when traveling for work. The camera is usually the first thing going into my luggage.


Birthdays and Anniversaries

March                                         April
14 Years - Anna Lambidonis                   9 Years - James Polese
13 Years - Chelsea Brady                         8 Years - Andrew Fazio
13 Years - Cassidy Brady                          8 Years - Djihane Ayeva
2 Years - Amanda Ramsey                     4 Years - Brandt Cowan
2 Years - Stephanie Alvarado                  3 Years - Griffin Joyner
1 Year - Corrine Bertino                            3 Years - Natalie Riedl
1 Year - Guillaume Mass                          3 Years - Monique Azore



March                                     April
March 12 - Adam Garcia                    April 3 - Griffin Joyner 
March 18 - Michael Star                     April 9 - Priya Reddy
March 19 - Brandt Cowan                 April 23 - Leigh Chesley
March 20 - Shawn McLeese             April 19 - Cachelle Walker
March 27 - Dylan McKeever             April 30 - Amanda Ramsey                                     


New Longbow Team Members

Angela Lovins
LMS Practice Lead
Joined: February 16, 2021

"We cannot solve our problems
with the same 
thinking we
used when we created them

- Albert Einstein

Jerry Huang
Business Analyst
Joined: February 19, 2021

"What's the worse
that could happen?"


Michael Babiak
Customer Success Manager
Joined: March 1, 2021

"Poking at a campfire
with a stick is one of
life's great satisfactions." 

- Pat McManus

Avkash Sharma
Software Developer
Joined: March 15, 2021

"The most certain way
to succeed is alwayus to
try just one more time." 

- Thomas Edison

Thomas Anderson
Business Analyst
Joined: April 6, 2021

"When life throws you a 
curveball, hit it." 

- Yogi Berra



Founded in 1923, Hasbro is a $6 Billion global play and entertainment company committed to Creating the World's Best Play and Entertainment Experiences. Hasbro has it from toys, games, and consumer products to television, movies, digital gaming, live-action, music, and virtual reality experiences. This project will connect Rebus Analytics in 4 DC's managed by NFI (Manhattan WMS0, Matson (BY WMS), and Cartamundi (SAP WM). The business driver for this project is based upon the value Hasbro will get from real-time operational visibility across its DC's coupled with the ability to measure a standard set of KPIs across their distribution partners. Hasbro has a significant upside as they have another 20 sites and opportunities for Labor, CT, etc. Congratulations Michael Pinzl and the Hasbro account team. 


Our First Annual Rebus User Conference - 

NOW 2021 is our way of celebrating the successes of our customers and thanking them for their tireless commitment to excellence. Ultimately, NOW 2021 is our opportunity to give back to them with awesome entertainment, insightful and thought-provoking content, and inspiring conversations. More coming soon!

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Corporate Swag

In January 2021, we launched our coprorate swag shop. Get your Longbow and Rebus gear - Sweaters, Polo's, Backpacks, Mugs, Masks and more!


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Partnership with AutoScheduler.AI

Longbow Advantage and AutoScheduler.AI jointly announce a partnership that will enable logistics operators to predict and prevent supply chain disruptions before they happen. AutoScheduler’s AI solution complements Rebus, the real-time supply chain visibility platform built by Longbow, by leveraging harmonized data to avoid disruptions to on-time fulfillment caused by labor, docking, and inventory bottlenecks. 


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An Ecosystem of Top-Teir Partners

We are proud to announce our New Partnership page - We already know that Longbow Advantage is devoted to providing customers with a top-tier experience. We partner with and continue to seek other like-minded organizations focused on delivering end-to-end solutions for our clients.  chain visibility platform built by Longbow, by leveraging harmonized data to avoid disruptions to on-time fulfillment caused by labor, docking, and inventory bottlenecks. 


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Longbow Advantage Attains Blue Yonder Global Advanced Accreditation

We are very excited to announce that Longbow Advantage is one of just two companies in the world to earn Advanced Accreditation for BlueYonder Warehouse Management.  

BlueYonder announced the new Accreditation program for partner certification in mid-2020. They gave partner consultants the option to take e-learning courses, attend a WMS Implementation Bootcamp, or "test out" of the certification process to provide documentation on their experience and pass a certification test. This provided an excellent opportunity for our company to demonstrate the vast experience and skillset our consultants possess.  

While this test-out process provided an expedited path to certification, it still required a great deal of work on our employees. Having to maintain their existing workload, most of our services people committed extra time to document and submit their experience, prepare for and pass the tests, and earn their certification. This was many hours of work our employees had to do on their own time in addition to their regular project work.

It was amazing to see the great teamwork and support throughout the organization. The team came together with regular study hall meetings to talk through the test and help everyone prepare. This team effort showed how supportive our people and culture are and the great things that can be accomplished in such an environment.

While company accreditation required only three functional and two technical certifications to be achieved, the team worked together to get as many people certified as possible to demonstrate their skills and make everyone more marketable in the industry. It was only recently that BlueYonder announced an Advanced Accreditation for any company that had a total of 50 combined functional and technical certifications. Due to our team's hard work and dedication, we became one of just two companies in the world that qualified for Warehouse Management Advanced Accreditation and only one of four companies that qualified for any BlueYonder Advanced Accreditation.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the employees that made an effort on their own time to get certified!

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New Homepage is Here

We have been working on a redesign of our homepage, and we're excited to announce that the project is complete! We hope the new homepage will showcase the divide in our services and software. 

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Longbow and AutoScheduler.Ai Webinar

Our CEO Alex Wakefield, Joins Keith Moore, Chief Product Officer at AutoScheduler.Ai, as they share what every supply chain executive needs to know: how leading companies are leveraging software across their warehousing campus for a competitive advantage.

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