Labor Management Made Simple

We simplify labor management by using an easy-to-maintain configuration that doesn’t need to be updated every time something changes in your warehouse or operation. Simply map your existing WMS transactions into activities, set goal times where applicable, and you’re off and running.

Have a custom field that you want more information on? That’s no problem for Rebus. If an attribute is in your WMS, we can use it to configure your activities whether it is a ship label flag, a customer ID, or an item grouping.

Rebus Labor features interactive widgets that give you performance insight from the enterprise level down to individual employee tasks. Once we’ve set up activity goals, users and shifts, Rebus Labor gets to work, pulling in real-time WMS data. With a single mouse click, you can drill into metrics and pinpoint measured versus unmeasured work issues – and then take steps to optimize labor utilization and productivity. Reporting that’s easy to understand, validating and sharing performance metrics is just as convenient.

Not everyone needs the same insights. Role-based analysis anticipates varying transaction summary requirements across the organization. Executives can make enterprise-level decisions based on aggregated data, supervisors can detect and correct process inefficiencies, managers can determine training deficiencies – and recognize star performers, too!

Reasonable Expectancy vs. Engineered Labor Standards

Traditional LMS applications based on engineered standards don’t easily accommodate changes in warehouse dynamics. We’ve developed Rebus Labor based on reasonable expectancy, drawing on our deep experience with how workflows really happen. Fact is, you don’t need to painstakingly map out every square inch of warehouse space and then reconfigure the system when your warehouse layout changes to optimize labor management.

  • 6-8 week, not 6-month, implementation
  • Instant access to years of detailed productivity data
  • Forecast labor utilization with confidence
  • Reassign workforce based on performance
  • Distribute reports through Skype™ and Microsoft Office®
labor management system

Impact Business with Day-to-Day, Hour-to-Hour Labor Analysis

With labor accounting for a major portion of operational costs, it’s essential to know precisely how much each activity costs your business. That’s where Rebus Labor can have a large impact on your bottom line.

One Report with All the Details

Interpreting results from multiple reports is truly difficult, even for the most experienced operations manager. Rebus Labor puts everything you need into one report, tailored for roles and responsibilities.

Rapid Analysis

Our NoSQL data archiving and data processing produces results in seconds, not days.

It Doesn’t Take an Engineer

Anyone can learn how to use Rebus Labor, cutting administrative needs and time. Let your engineers focus on core business goals, not ad hoc reporting.

Longbow Helps Subaru Better Manage Labor, Improve Data Accuracy and Eliminate Reporting Issues with Rebus Labor

High demand and tight timelines put a lot of pressure on Subaru’s warehouse management and labor management systems.

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