Manufacturers are working hard to make essential goods for the fight against COVID-19, while retailers and distributors are struggling to deliver products to the front line. All of us here at Longbow understand and sympathize with the supply shortages and lack of inventory visibility across the supply chain. To help do our part in the fight against COVID-19, we are offering at NO COST to any organization in need, our real-time Data Services platform, Rebus. With Rebus, you can view real-time data on inventory and shipments across different software packages.

Supply Chain Visibility Software – Implement and Use for Free during COVID–19 from Rebus Data Services on Vimeo.

Our SaaS technology provides your teams with visibility into your warehouse inventory levels, position, and status of trucks in your yard, order status, among other pieces of critical information all in real-time. All of this information is viewed and shared across your organization and with your customers, if you choose. Our customers are using Rebus as a customer portal today to show order status and when their orders will be shipped from the warehouse. Most importantly, if you are currently running BlueYonder (including Dispatcher), HighJump, or Manhattan WMS, we can stand Rebus up for you, so you are live on real-time information in 48 – 72 hours with no onsite presence. If you are running a different WMS, we would need to assess the time to get you on live data, but we welcome the opportunity to help.


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