Rebus Data Services Enhances
Del Monte's Labor and Warehouse Management System

The Del Monte® name has been identified with premium foods since its debut in 1886. With owning and operating 10 production facilities and 5 Distribution Centers across the U.S., Del Monte has a lot of data to sort through daily. 

When Del Monte began looking to enhance their labor and warehouse reporting capabilities by automating manual reporting, they looked at Longbow. Longbow's could-based data services solution, Rebus Data Services, seemed to be the perfect solution for Del Monte. 

"Before we began looking at Rebus, each group of managers had their own set of analytics. We had two full-time employees dedicated to creating a metrics report that we'd meet weekly to review … but looking at the past week's performance wasn't helping the team with 'today.' Pulling the data and assembling reports was a tedious and time-consuming process that took days. And more importantly, the metrics pulled were already outdated by the time they were compiled."

- Don Hensley, Regional Inventory Control Manager, Del Monte

Their solution was deploying Rebus© Data Services to provide them with real-time operations information!  

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