5 Key Takeaways from NOW 2021


We hosted our first ever annual Rebus user conference, NOW in Nashville, TN from Oct 18-20 2021. The event included industry speakers, customers case studies, Rebus product updates and so much more. The below are the 5 key takeaways from NOW 2021 over the course of the 3 days. 

Real-time visibility is no longer a good-to-have, it’s a requirement

The one common recurring theme among both customers and industry thought leaders at NOW 2021 was that the current operating environment is one of the most challenging we have all been in. Supply chains are having to manage a global pandemic, shortages, skyrocketing demand, and over-congested ports, to name a few challenges. Disruptions are everywhere and are showing no signs of stopping.
Companies are no longer able to operate with historical data alone. The real-time value of supply chain data is increasing with each disruption. Now, more than ever, real-time visibility is a requirement for all companies and is no longer a good-to-have.

Real-time visibility (and Rebus) is truly what you make of it

Each company uses Rebus and real-time visibility specifically to help them achieve their own individual goals.  We saw customers using Rebus to build pay-for-performance programs, foster a culture of continuous improvement, improve processes, increase workforce productivity, optimize inventory flows and for a myriad of other tasks. The possibilities with Rebus are endless, and our customers are cutting-edge in how they’re approaching opportunities in the warehouse. 

Companies need to be good at adapting technology

As companies continue to operate in a dynamic, disruptive environment, the ability to identify and adopt the latest technology will help companies effectively manage their supply chain. Leveraging technology is a cultural component of the company and stretches far beyond just buying the tools. Companies need to make it part of their DNA to find new and innovative ways to combat the problems of the present world. It’s about finding the right technology partners that can help achieve goals fasterand with less risk and complexity.

Data, data everywhere, not an insight in sight!

We live in a world where we have too much data. Yet many supply chains are still data-rich and insight poor.
This is changing as more companies look to Rebus to fill in their knowledge gaps. By providing teams with an easy-to-use platform to analyze data, they can notice trends, monitor performance, and boost productivity. Teams are finally starting to convert their data to insights and knowledge with the help of real-time visibility.

It was great to meet people again, in person, and celebrate

The last year and even a few months leading up to NOW have been challenging for everybody. So, we took a leap of faith and decided that an in-person event is exactly what we all needed. NOW 2021 was a resounding success in part because it was so good to meet all our customers, partners, and colleagues in person to celebrate. It was a great time to connect, inspire and learn from each other and we hope we can go back to many more in-person events as look to 2022 and beyond.

By: Siddhant Nagpal

Looking forward to NOW 2022? Stay tuned!


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