5 Ways Real-time Labor Visibility Can Help Improve Labor Productivity and Performance


Many supply chains around the world are facing labor shortages. The world is running low on everything from chips to toilet paper, yet companies are unable to find enough people to help meet this sky-rocketing demand. In times like this, organizations need to get more creative in how they manage their processes, products, and most importantly, people.

Some of the world’s leading companies have already leveraged the power of real-time visibility in the warehouse to make the most of their supply chain operations. In just a few months of implementing our Intelligent Labor solution, Conn’s HomePlus was able to increase their labor performance by 9%. The value of real-time labor visibility doesn’t just end there as companies are now realizing that it can be a powerful tool to do so much more.

Here are 5 ways that real-time visibility can help companies improve labor performance and boost productivity:

Increase proactiveness: The real-time value of data is priceless. Rather than knowing at the end of a shift what the day’s performance has been and starting the next shift with a potential backlog, teams can measure, monitor, and track their productivity and performance in real-time. Supervisors have the power to proactively allocate resources and labor to bottlenecks and problem areas to help minimize impact.

Institute incentive programs: With the ability to track performance in real-time and benchmark against historical data, managers can build incentive structures to boost productivity Programs such as pay-for-performance can incentivize workers to do more during spikes and peak season.

Complete visibility: There is such a thing as too much visibility. The Rebus platform generates smart, powerful visualizations on to customizable dashboards that provide just the right visibility based on specific needs. This is great for warehouses that work with 3PLs, other internal teams, leadership etc. as they all could have distinct dashboards that eliminate the need for coordination and reporting, saving time and resources.

Foster a culture of continuous improvement: Not all processes are completely optimized. This is especially true in a warehouse setting when things are constantly changing. By allowing teams access to real-time and historical performance data, it is easy to identify trends, highlight problem areas and reevaluate processes. Continuous improvement requires continuous real-time monitoring.

Enables better, smarter decisions: With real-time and historical data at your fingertips, teams can track micro and macro trends and convert data into insights. These insights make teams smarter and enable better decision-making, helping improve productivity and performance.

Unlike other LMS solutions, Rebus has an incredibly fast time-to-value of as little as a few weeks and doesn’t break the bank. Furthermore, our cloud platform doesn’t come with costly and time-consuming upgrades- all our product updates are included.

It is phenomenal what something as simple as visibility in the warehouse can do for your supply chain. Teams that have implemented Rebus have reported higher productivity and performance while also increasing employee engagement, collaboration, and motivation. The possibilities with real-time visibility and Rebus are endless.

By: Siddhant Nagpal

About Rebus

Rebus is a unified platform that provides real-time visibility into the warehouse for distribution teams who need access to make point-in-time decisions about their warehouse operations, labor management, and inventory. Unlike other visibility solutions that focus on more readily available data from trucks and rail, The Rebus Platform focuses on the heart of the supply chain – the warehouse. By connecting disparate systems across the distribution network, logistics professionals have unparalleled access to view and manage their warehouse-like never before. 


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