Should You Use a BlueYonder WMS Implementation Service Partner?


- Updated : June 2020

Looking to Improve your BlueYonder WMS?

Are you planning a BlueYonder (formally JDA) WMS implementation? What about an upgrade? Or are you simply looking to enhance the capability of your existing supply chain software? If your answer is yes to one or all, you need knowledgeable and experienced resources to aid a successful project. The success of a project can be answered with one simple question, “Can we do it ourselves?” Before you answer, you need to think about if your organizations has the resources, experience, skills, and availability of time to support your initiative.

Here is a short checklist of questions to help assess whether it is possible to utilize your internal resources:

  • Have we developed a detailed project plan to fully understand the effort and time required to support this initiative?
  • Have we accomplished an initiative like this before on our own?
  • Do we have the internal functional and technical expertise required?
  • Are the required resources available to support this initiative?
  • Will our assigned project team be potentially distracted by running the day-to-day business?
  • Have we assessed the risks of doing this on your own?

Did you Answer No?

Answering ‘No’ to any of the above questions may be a clear indication that your organization needs some level of external consulting help with your initiative. If using an external supply chain software service provider is new to your organization, you can be assured that you have many options to consider. Typically, most organizations call their software provider looking for experienced resources to augment or lead their implementation.

I’m here to tell you, you have many other service options that can ultimately provide equal too or better implementation results for your organization. Our, Longbow Advantage’s, experience has shown you can benefit from lower implementation service costs, improved availability of resources, and improved implementation timelines by using an independent implementation partner.

Independent Implemenentation Partner

Selecting an independent implementation service partner means firstly, and most obviously, the provider must actually be able to do the work. Secondly, the provider must be able to fit in with the people in your organization and particularly those who will be working on your project. Finally, if the provider is good, you should always improve your own knowledge as a result of the project.

As a result of selecting an implementation service provider, you will experience the following benefits:

  1. Experience in delivering implementation. Therefore, you will get to the solution, and you will see the business benefits much quicker
  2. Well developed and proven approaches, methods, and tools that will assist in the implementation process
  3. Objectivity in undertaking the tasks at hand
  4. A dedicated team to tackle the specific tasks at hand. A team that will not be distracted by also trying to run your day-to-day business
  5. A team of subject matter experts who can provide a sounding board for new ideas

If you have made the formal decision to engage a BlueYonder (JDA) WMS implementation partner, your first accomplishment is having recognized that need.

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