Warehouses are the most complex yet often overlooked part of any supply chain. Even though tools such as automation, machine learning, and AI are taking the industry by storm, these are no substitute for true and real-time Warehouse Visibility into your operations and create more data and complexity than ever before. Information, especially in the Warehouse, is power.

We have seen organizations benefit exponentially from implementing Warehouse Visibility. With benefits ranging from eliminating costly WMS go-live inefficiencies, faster LMS time-to-value, improving cost-to-serve, increasing customer visibility and operational efficiencies, and more. However, many of these organizations had (and many others will have) hesitations to investing in Warehouse Visibility. With the promise and popularity of other technologies, Warehouse Visibility gets easily overlooked.

Here are 3 hesitations we have heard and the reasons why Warehouse Visibility Should not be overlooked:

These high-level ROI statistics are just the beginning of an improved ROI. Our customers have shown us that ROI for Warehouse Visibility can be calculated in various ways; production & distribution efficiencies, risk reduction, increased customer satisfaction, integration with partner systems, and more. Who knew that 5% cost savings were just a quick implementation away?

  1. “Unsure about how it will benefit my organization / We don’t feel we have a need for it” 

    The data shows that although Warehouse Visibility was implemented into various industries, the use cases have been different and strategically prioritized based on each industry's capabilities. With the ability to view all the data needed to understand operations, customize dashboards and views, and gain the proper insights to maximize benefits, companies can cultivate a culture of continuous improvement.

  2. “Too expensive to implement right now” 

    Budget. Budget. Budget. With the world recovering from the adverse effects of 2020, the main focus of many organizations is maximizing profit and minimizing spend. We spoke with organizations that have seen tremendous ROI within months of investing in Warehouse Visibility tools, and here are the results:

    1. 47% of respondents have seen > 10% increase in efficiency
    2. 58% of respondents have seen > 10% increase in cost savings
    3. 100% report at least 5% of cost savings 
  3. “We are concerned how to manage activity and scale” 

    We understand that some softwares have great capabilities but fall short when managing activity and scaling up with the business operations and goals. With a Warehouse Visibility tool designed with the end-user and goals of an efficient organization in mind, worrying about managing activity and scaling will be a mere memory of the past. No more long waiting times. No more manual tracking. No more fragmented data sources. Just a one-stop solution for complete visibility into business operations.

Warehouse Visibility - The Fastest Growing Investment Segments 

Warehouse visibility is one of the fastest-growing investment segments in the supply chain space. Our survey found that while almost 40% of companies surveyed have installed some technology to help increase their visibility, another 50% are considering installing it in the next 12 months. This should come as no surprise given the myriad of disruptions that we have had to navigate- a global pandemic, a semiconductor shortage, blockages on seaports, etc. As we can’t always plan for every possible scenario, having complete visibility can help companies adapt to whatever life throws their way.