CEO Highlights Rebus Data Services on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland


Longbow Advantage Live with Kathy Ireland

Longbow Advantage is known for providing high-quality supply chain software implementations and developing the only data services software designed and developed by IT and Supply Chain experts, Rebus. With Rebus as a robust supply chain data management tool, Longbow provides customers with an unforgettable experience that changes the landscape of how supply chain operations operate. 

Sharing Supply Chain Data Management Success  

On Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland, Alex Wakefield, CEO of Longbow Advantage, shares industry insight on the benefits and successes of supply chain data management software. Wakefield, like the great minds behind Rebus, understands that warehouse management systems generate high volumes of data every second of the day. Many times supply chain systems and leaders need the ability to sort through this data and make adjustments to their operations in real-time.

Lean Times Call for Leaner Data Management

There is a significant industry trend to gain real-time visibility across the supply chain network, and COVID-19 has only increased the need for this visibility as it exposed the limitations of legacy platforms. Rebus affords all levels of the organization access to the same data set to allow for executive analysis and operational adjustments throughout the day. Rebus automates data flows and metrics used in regular operational meetings and reduces the need for thousands of hours of manual effort aggregating information.  

CEO of Longbow Advantage Discusses Rebus Data Services with Kathy Ireland from Rebus Data Services on Vimeo. With Rebus is changing the way customers consume their data by being faster to deploy, easier to use, and putting control of data back in the customer’s hands.

By: Stephanie Alvarado

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