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Del Monte Implements Rebus Data Services

Keeping you up to date on how crucial the Rebus© Data Services Software is to better your business by aggregating and harmonizing logistics data from any supply chain execution system. Rebus is the only supply chain management software that provides a real-time view into your distribution networks.

Struggling with Manual Reporting 

The Del Monte® name has been linked with premium foods since its debut in 1886. They own and operate ten production facilities and five Distribution Centers across the United States, as well as two production facilities in Mexico. Their problem, according to their Regional Inventory Control Manager, Don Hensley, was that they were struggling with manual reporting.   

Enhancing Labor and Warehouse Reporting 

Our challenge was to enhance labor and warehouse reporting capabilities by automating manual reporting. This type of analytics is critical for companies like Del Monte, due to their belief that their distribution center should operate as key strategic assets in increasing efficiency and optimizing performances.  

Deployment of Rebus Data Services

Our solution for Del Monte, deploying Rebus Data Services. This now provides them with real-time operations information in their Distributions Centers. Led by Hensley, a team of three carried out the implementation in two DC’s. Now all Del Monte had to do was confirm what exactly they wanted to measure. Rebus Data Services then created meaningful dashboards that are displayed on monitors throughout their DC’s.

“The corporate finance team no longer needs to spend hours pulling and compiling performance reports reducing our manual reporting efforts by more than 40hrs. per week.” 
– Tim Young, Senior Director of Distribution Center Operations   

Data Management Software Displays Real-Time Views into your Distribution Networks 

The results Del Monte acquired were beyond their expectations. They now had access to real-time data across all levels in their organization, which increased labor productivity. Del Monte further now had access to historical information for analysis. This data management solution pulls productivity data directly from JDA warehouse labor management and warehousing big data from the JDA warehouse management system.

By: Stephanie Alvarado


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