The First Blue Yonder Advanced Accredited Implementation Partner for Warehouse Management Solutions in the U.S.


Blue Yonder Global Advanced Accreditation

We are proud to announce that we, Longbow Advantage, has achieved Global Advanced Accreditation for Blue Yonder’s Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS). Today, Longbow is the only U.S. partner who has achieved this accreditation level and one of only two globally.

This accreditation gives Blue Yonder WMS customers a clear option for a proven partner to help with their WMS projects. It also further sets Longbow Advantage apart from other partners in their ability to provide a breadth of resources more deeply knowledgeable in Blue Yonder’s WMS than anyone else in the market, making us an ideal Blue Yonder Implementation partner.

“Becoming the first and only partner in the U.S. and Canada to achieve Advanced Accreditation is a massive achievement for our consulting and implementation teams,” said Alex Wakefield, CEO of Longbow Advantage. “I’m proud of the work they’ve done to cultivate and maintain such deep knowledge of Blue Yonder’s WMS, and I’m thrilled about what this means for the ongoing support we provide our clients and, in turn, their customers.”

About Longbow Advantage

Longbow Advantage is known for providing high-quality supply chain software implementations and developing the only data services software designed and developed by IT and supply chain experts, Rebus®. With Rebus as a robust supply chain visibility platform, Longbow can provide their customers with an unforgettable experience that changes the landscape of how they run their supply chain operations. Longbow provides customers with a deep layer of insight into the real-time workings of the most complex distribution network and consolidates legacy processes with Rebus®.


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