Introducing Activity Benchmarking and Warehouse Mapping

Longbow Advantage introduces Activity Benchmarking and Warehouse Mapping for its Rebus SaaS platform. 

Longbow Advantage, the industry-leading supply chain technology company  and the global leader in warehouse software and consulting, announces the arrival of two major new features to The Rebus® Platform in Activity Benchmarking and Warehouse Mapping.

The Rebus® Platform is the only warehouse technology that provides data and visibility into key warehouse metrics in real-time, across the warehouse network. The additions of Activity Benchmarking and Warehouse Mapping are a natural progression in its product offering, given the platform’s focus on providing meaningful real-time information for operators during the shift.

“We are excited to be announcing Warehouse Maps and Activity Benchmarking today at our 2nd annual Rebus conference, NOW 2022,” said Gerry Brady, Founder and CEO of Longbow Advantage. He continued, “We continue to be inspired by our customers. Hearing from many of them in sessions this week, it’s clear that they are key drivers in their organizations for meaningful innovation in warehouse technology. It is an honor to be able to provide them with additional insights into their data that will help them meet and exceed their goals.”

“We are excited to be announcing Warehouse Maps and Activity Benchmarking today at our 2nd annual Rebus conference, NOW 2022."

Activity Benchmarking

Activity Benchmarking, included in the core Rebus module, Warehouse Visibility, allows warehouse operators to compare their activity performance averages against a global network of other Rebus users, allowing them to benchmark against best-in-class performance metrics. The data is pulled daily from all warehouses using Rebus Warehouse Visibility and aggregated in an anonymous way, so each company’s data is always kept secure and safe. This helps warehouse managers know how their productivity compares to other warehouses in the supply chain, across industries and locations. 

Following its release next month, this feature will be available to all new and existing Rebus® Warehouse Visibility customers.

Warehouse Mapping

Warehouse Mapping is an innovation in the way Rebus harmonizes and leverages warehouse data. It gives warehouse operators the ability to clearly visualize where important activity occurs within their warehouse in real-time, which can bring to light ways to increase productivity and decrease bottlenecks and congestion, reducing the time it takes to get products to shipping. The data is pulled from the existing WMS for the warehouse and the maps can be created automatically within Rebus, imported from outside, or built from scratch by the user. Users can drill down into the details behind the data and create alerts to notify them of specific breakdowns or activities.

Activity Benchmarking will be available to the public in November with Warehouse Mapping following in Q1 of 2023.

“These updates for Rebus will make even more data available to warehouse operators,” said Connor Brady, Vice President of Product Development for Rebus. “We’re always working to enhance our Warehouse Visibility module, the core of The Rebus Platform, to give our customers access to as much useful data as possible, and to also make that data easy to visualize, so they can do their jobs more effectively.”

“These updates for Rebus will make even more data available to warehouse operators"

Longbow is currently hosting their 2nd annual user conference, NOW 2022, in Boston, MA, through October 5. Attendees are learning about these new functionalities for Rebus and how to take advantage of all the benefits Rebus brings to the supply chain.

Travis Hinkle 
Longbow Advantage 
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