Longbow Advantage and AutoScheduler Announce Strategic Partnership


Alliance Enables Logistics Operators to Proactively Predict and Prevent Supply Chain Disruptions

ANN ARBOR, MI and AUSTIN, TX (MARCH 9, 2021) – Longbow Advantage and AutoScheduler.AI jointly announce a partnership that will enable logistics operators to predict and prevent supply chain disruptions before they happen. AutoScheduler’s AI solution complements Rebus, the real-time supply chain visibility platform built by Longbow, by leveraging harmonized data to avoid disruptions to on-time fulfillment caused by labor, docking and inventory bottlenecks.

“Our customers depend on Rebus to give them end-to-end visibility, reporting, and labor management across their supply chain. The partnership with AutoScheduler gives them yet another level of visualization into future disruption risks and enables them to act quickly to minimize impact,” said Alex Wakefield, CEO at Longbow Advantage. “It’s more apparent than ever that supply chains must depend on accurate, real-time data to make informed decisions that protect their customers and benefit consumers. We are thrilled to bring that to market with AutoScheduler.”  

“Now more than ever, DCs are faced with increasing pressure to meet demand, with numerous additional objectives to drive efficiency,” adds Keith Moore, Chief Product Officer at AutoScheduler.AI. “The AutoScheduler and Rebus partnership enables logistics operators to gain real-time visibility, predict future challenges, and prescriptively take action to ensure all site operations are orchestrated to meet business needs.” 

The official partnership comes on the heels of successful joint projects among distribution centers of one of the largest Food & Beverage distributors in the world.

About Longbow Advantage

Longbow Advantage provides high-quality supply chain software implementations and develops the only data services platform designed and developed by IT and supply chain experts, Rebus®. With Rebus® as a robust supply chain visibility platform, Longbow can provide their customers with an unforgettable experience that changes the landscape of how they run their supply chain operations. Longbow provides customers with a deep layer of insight into the most complex distribution network’s real-time workings and consolidates legacy processes with Rebus®.

About AutoScheduler.AI

AutoScheduler accelerates existing WMS capabilities with Intelligent Warehouse Orchestration. By seamlessly integrating with existing WMS and ERP systems, AutoScheduler’s powerful yet intuitive platform helps streamline operations across your facility by providing dynamic dock scheduling, level loading labor, balancing inventory overflow, proactively cross docking, eliminating redundant workforce allocation, and more. To learn more, visit www.autoscheduler.ai


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