Proud to Sponsor – LogiPharma Connect


Proud to Sponsor – LogiPharma Connect

We are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring LogiPharma Connect, running September 15-16th. This WBR virtual event is accommodating during a crisis to provide attendees with an interactive, high-level platform to communicate with thought-leaders in the industry!

The Truth About Distribution Data

Executives who understand the benefits of properly managing distribution data can unlock enormous potential in their operations. When data is effectively cleaned and managed, companies can view their operations in real-time, analyze, and improve processes daily. With significantly improved visibility, a company can provide better service to their customers and achieve substantial results at a much lower cost than current data management software.

Join thought-leader and CEO, Alex Wakefield as he deep dives into Why Companies Struggle to Use It and How Companies are Succeeding on September 16th at 1:25 pm EST. 

Register Today to Learn:

  • How your time and money are distracted by unproven technologies in the supply chain
  • Why industry-leading supply chain and BI software do not give you real-time information in your warehouse
  • Ways to improve your operation at a fraction of the cost of traditional technology solutions

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