Rebus Brings More Power with New Integrations!


Rebus™ has always offered an easy-to-use interface and deep insights into your operations, but now it provides direct access to some of your most valuable office tools.  We are proud to announce Rebus has integrated with Microsoft® Office® 365 and Skype™!

The Vision Behind the New Integrations

“When we built Rebus, we focused on creating an intuitive software platform that aggregates supply chain data and monitors cross-functional KPIs.  The next logical step was to enable people to share these data visualizations without having to switch between software applications,” said Gerry Brady, Founder and Cheif Innovator of Longbow Advantage, the creator of Rebus. “By adding standard office applications, Office 365 and Skype, directly into the Rebus interface, real-time collaboration within your organization is now possible with the click of a button.”

Check out what these new integrations include.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration with Rebus Analytics

Simply open Rebus and sign-in with your Office 365 username and password.  Instantly you will have your email available and get an overview of your operations from the same screen.  You can read, write, send, and receive emails straight from the Rebus interface.  This includes the ability to email widgets and dashboards at the click of a button.  Use less open windows, less clicks, and less time to get more done.  How does that sound for efficiency?

Skype Integration with Rebus Analytics

Being able to talk and share insights with your team in real-time is valuable.  And now you can, directly from within Rebus.  Our integration with Skype allows you to access your daily chats and drag and drop widgets and dashboards into your conversations. This gets everyone looking at the same information at the same time. Collaboration has never been so easy.

Contact us to schedule a demo and see these new integrations in action!

See the Integrations in Action

The Full Press Release from January 19, 2017 is now available.


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