Receiving SOC 2® Certification for Innovative Software, Rebus®, for the Fourth Year


Rebus® Receives Soc 2® Certification

soc2-infopage.pngLongbow Advantage, creator of Rebus® Data Services, continues to make its customer’s data security a top priority. Rebus® Data Services has been re-certified as a SOC 2® Type II compliant for the fourth year in a row.

SOC 2®: Trust Service for Organizations

Obtaining a SOC 2® Certification is given by the American Institute of CPAs and reports on controls at a service organization relevant to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. At Longbow, we believe data should always be safe and secure. Therefore, gaining a SOC 2® Type 2 is so important. A SOC 2® Type II reports to the services of an organization’s system, the suitability of design, and the operating effectiveness of controls (AICPA Assurance). At Longbow, we value and respect customer privacy and we will continue to protect our customer’s data with this certification.

Rebus is a full-stack supply chain software that is cloud-based and adds a deep layer of insight into the real-time workings of the most complex distribution environments and networks. Our customers gain the whole picture of what is going on in all their facilities with the assurance that their data is protected. Providing customers with peace of mind that their data is safe, secure, and available whenever it is needed, is imperative to us and our software Rebus®.

Having a SOC 2® certification should be an essential for any software solution that focuses on managing customer data. Tim Betz, VP and General Manager – Rebus Data Services, expresses the importance of gaining this certification:

“We understand how critical it is to keep our customer’s data secure. Our teams go through a tremendous amount of rigour in everything they do to maintain our SOC 2 Type II Certification. Keeping our processes and documentation compliant with the SOC 2 Type II standards is one of many steps we take to give our customers confidence when they choose Rebus as their supply chain data services solution.”

– Tim Betz, Longbow Advantage

Longbow having Rebus® obtain a SOC 2® Type II Certification, reaffirms our continuous commitment to giving our customers comfort in knowing that their data is always going to be safe and secure.


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