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November was a busy month for Longbow Advantage. Along with the Supply Chain Next Conference in early November, they also traveled to another event. On November 18-19th, Longbow attended a GDS Group Event, NG Supply Chain Summit. The Summit, held in Sarasota, FL, where the focus was to share views on how to tackle the most significant challenges that supply chain management is facing today. Along with attending, Longbow partnered with GDS Group to be a lead sponsor during the event.

Presenting Rebus© Data Services


While attending the Summit, Longbow showcased their pioneering software, Rebus© Data Services. Rebus© is a cloud-based SaaS solution developed for logistics professionals to offer insights that generic BI solutions are not architected to deliver. Rebus pulls data from any supply chain execution system, harmonizes it, and delivers analytics, optimization insights, and other data-driven value streams, providing complete real-time visibility into distribution operations.

Supply Chain Technology Partners with Experience

The Summit allowed for two of Longbows top executives to meet with other senior leaders and discuss the benefits companies have gained from implementing Rebus. Alex Wakefield, CEO, and Tim Betz, VP & General Manager of Rebus© Data Services, held vendor meetings to Rebus. These meetings allowed business leaders to gain knowledge and better understand how to efficiently manage their supply chain operations through the era of data services.

“This event was unique in that we were able to sit down with supply chain executives who had pre-determined that Longbow and Rebus could help them solve some of the challenges they are facing with visibility into what is going on in their supply chain. After walking through the way that we approach these challenges, we were able to get several follow-up meetings setup to continue these discussions and ultimately help these companies with a solution.”

– Tim Betz, VP & General Manager of Rebus© Data Services, Longbow Advantage

With great success, Longbow will be returning to the Summit in 2020


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