Supply Chain Survey Reveals Where Analytics Data is Still Preventing Warehouse Operators from Making Real-time Decisions


More Supply Chain Executives are Now Implementing Warehouse Visibility Systems to Complement Their Analytics Data

“Supply chain systems globally are feeling all kinds of pressure with everything from constrained transportation systems, labor workforce challenges, and supplier material shortages.”

RebusĀ® built by Longbow, a leading provider of warehouse visibility solutions that redefine and integrate supply chain and labor operations to drive efficiencies and reduce operational costs, announced today results of a recent industry survey that illustrate where continued inefficiencies are taking place within the warehouse.

The company commissioned an online survey and presented it to approximately 2,500 supply chain and warehouse executives during March. The survey revealed that more than half of executives polled are seeing between a 5% – 10% increase in efficiency from their warehouse visibility technologies; another quarter said they’re seeing between a 10% – 15% increase.

Slightly less than half said they’re experiencing a 5% – 10% in operational cost savings as a result of warehouse visibility technologies that were implemented; and another third said they’re seeing a 10% – 15% increase in operational savings.

Most supply chains today still have some components/areas that are not connected and the data used is bounded, which hinders the ability of all business involved to understand all the operations completely. To stay competitive, modern supply chain managing experts are focusing on better visibility and use of data inside the warehouse, the central point of operations for each supply chain. Companies are now turning to warehouse visibility insights that provide warehouse operators with the insights they need to turn analytics data into real-time, actionable processes.


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