Warehouse Management

We are supply chain people who know how warehouses operate. We’ll help you optimize operations and get the most value out of your WMS investment.

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Labor Management

Increase labor utilization while decreasing labor expenses. Our deep functional and technical LMS capabilities will enable you to seamlessly integrate LMS into your operations.

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Transportation Management

The complexity of a TMS deployment varies greatly from one network to the next. Achieve rapid return on your investment by tapping our experienced team of TMS implementation consultants.

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Supply Chain Data Services

We combine real-world distribution operations experience with Longbow’s Rebus Data Services Platform to give you supply chain visibility and performance insight, actionable business intelligence created by simplifying data analysis and reporting.

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Servicing the Top Supply Chain Software Platforms

Supply Chain Consulting Services


Planning aligned to your unique business operations and objectives that elevates the value-added services you bring to your customers.

Solution Design

Our Software Architects do their due diligence, exploring everything needed for making decisions on configuring the application to recreating your distribution center operations within the software.

System Implementation

Integrated software design and engineering derived from a thorough understanding of how distribution processes will operate, including testing of basic operations and exceptions.


Collaborative discovery to understand core capabilities, pain points and objectives, and uncover opportunities for improvement.

System Support

Our client support center operates with 30-minute call-back guarantee, provides regular system and business reviews as well as training.


SaaS hosting service for Rebus, all the supply chain execution systems we integrate with, plus test and production environments, all backed with a 99.9% uptime SLA.

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