Solution Design

Longbow consultants build on our initial assessment and ultimately create a business case validating proof-of-concept for improving your operational efficiency. That includes evaluating data, IT infrastructure and needs, and all software currently utilized in your facility.

Risk management is a cornerstone of our methodology. We’ll develop and deliver a risk management plan covering resources, responsibilities, fallback options, cutover, long-term support and continuing improvement.

This is an enterprise-wide change requiring enterprise-encompassing change management and training. We’ll work with you to clearly communicate to employees throughout the project lifecycle, so they know what to expect and the purpose of the design. Our team will get to know your team, ascertain their capabilities and develop training for users and superusers alike.

Holistic Solution Design

Our experience enables us to design a holistic solution, one that considers your culture and objectives in addition to technologies. We use best-of-breed software tools to model the impact on facilities, workflows and infrastructure.

Longbow’s Solution Design Services include:

  • Analyzing data and determining requirements
  • Developing solution hypothesis and refinement recommendations
  • Designing a solution that includes all components needed for a successful operation
  • Creating a custom business case with an implementation roadmap
supply chain management solutions

Key Deliverables

Before we consider moving on to building the solution, we provide information that enables us to all “stack hands” as one team and move forward, confident in the design and project path.

Project Plan

Each phase mapped in detail, down to individual components, and incorporated into a project schedule.

Solution Summary

Summary isn’t truly descriptive of what we deliver. Detailed information will be documented, assuring that we've captured everything up front.

Development Environment

Our Hosting Services and data centers provide the development environment, so there’s no potential of performance issues with your current system. In the future-state, we’ll host your supply chain execution software as well, if you choose.

Rebus WMS Optimization

Rebus Warehouse Analytics takes the load off your WMS production databased and eliminates data processing issues.

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